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    Anyone ride ADV bikes?

    I finally got my Stelvio back from the shop over the weekend, and I have a feeling I might actually be over this strep and crap I got by this next weekend. Anyone else here riding an adventure bike? It'd be cool to find some other folks who would be into dual sporting. Here's mine: Moto Guzzi...
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    Lee Turret Press Review

    Hey guys, here's a write up and video of my Turret Press. I think it's a pretty sweet set-up, but there are some things I'd change about it that I made note of in my review. Anyway, here's the link! Lee Turret Press Review
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    .357 mag issues in gp100

    Hey guys. I haven't fired any 357 from my gun in a while, so I loaded some up the other day and wanted tO shoot a few at the range. However, they didn't want to chamber. I figured no biggie, I've shot 38 specials through it nearly exclusively this past year, so I got out the bore cleaner and a...
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    Is it time for ICORE at okcgc?

    Just trying to remember if this is an ICORE month for okcgc. I might be able to squeeze enough for an entry out of my little paycheck this week. Lol.
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    Guy arrested transferring flights in NY.

    Fortunately this story has a somewhat happy ending, thanks to the USCCA. How insane is this, though...
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    CZ Skorpion (vz. 61)

    I'm thinking about selling or trading my Skorpion. It is the .32acp (7.65 browning) version. I really enjoy the gun and it shoots great, but I'm finding the .32 a bit expensive when I find it, and I haven't talked myself into reloading for it. That said, it spends a lot of time not being used. I...
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    Small Cal centerfire competitions?

    Are there any out there? I know there are occasional BUG matches, but I don't have a BUG. I was tinkering with my CZ 61 skorpion (.32acp), and thinking it would be a blast to shoot a uspsa style match with it. I know bullseye allows .32 and up, but the skorpion is definitely not a 50 yard, one...
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    Chronographing loads?

    I was curious how seriously most of you guys take verifying power factor of your hamdloads. I was originally going to load up a bunch of .45 with trail boss, as the book indicates an easy major pf. However, I found a thread on Enos where a guy tried and said he was chronoing under major pf. Do...
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    Charge hole chamfering

    Do any of you Revo guys in okc have a chamfering tool for .45 cal cylinders? I may have had a 625 follow me home this weekend and I'm looking to get it tuned up for the next uspsa match if there's one at H&H this Sunday. I'm not too willing to take a power tool to my new super expensive Revo, so...
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    .357 major uspsa?

    Am I reading the rules right? If you shoot revo, .357 can be scored major, it's only not if you're shooting in L-10 as there is a .40 restriction on caliber. Or did I read an old rulebook? Playing around with handloads now that I've got my bench built and wondering what to try for the next IPSC...
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    A great day for a gun guy

    Just thought I'd share my happy weekend day with my fellow gun nuts. Finished my reloading desk today. Also got the old Pietta 1858 Remington cap & ball out and took it to the range. I forgot how fun that thing is to shoot. Did well with it for not firing it in roughly 8 or 9 years. Can't wait...
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    gunsmith school?

    I'm looking to get into the trade a bit, as I've always enjoyed working on my own guns and doing things for friends guns. I'm an engine tech now, so a lot of that skill set carries over well, it would seem. Is there anything to the schools like Penn Foster? I'm curious if I'd just be taught a...
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    New Shooters, make the walkthroughs!

    I learned at my first match Sunday that when you are seperated into squads and told what stage you will start on, it doesn't mean to go to that stage. Myself and a few other newbs took off to stage four when everyone else went to stage two for walk through. That caused me to not realize on one...
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    Revoshooter Contingency Tracker

    Can you answer, "I think so?" to shooter ready? :scared:
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    New from Yukon

    Hey guys. Looking to get into competition this year and a friend who is a member here pointed me in this direction. Great forums! I'm looking to get started in revo class for steel challenge and shooting some icore matches soon. Looking forward to meeting some fellow shootera here!