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  1. Kim

    30-30 rifle thoughts, reviews

    Thinking about buying one for short range (under 100 yards) deer hunting. Good or bad?
  2. Kim

    Tent Recommendation

    Hi there!! I would like to upgrade my old tent. I'm looking for tent for 2-3 person that has a full coverage rainfly, but not even sure where to start looking. I've found an article here and in some stores looking for one, I have a lot of doubts about buying without knowing for sure that what I...
  3. Kim

    Threaded barrel deer rifle

    I am getting a .30 cal suppressor. I am considering buying a new rifle for it. Seems like there are two routes- buy a rifle with threaded barrel or have my gunsmith thread for me. Is there a good suppressor-ready option? I see that there is a Remington 700 sps, but I have seen posts on here that...
  4. Kim

    Best scope choice?

    I'm trying to decide between a 1-8x or 2-10x scope for my AR-15 The furthest I'll be going is 300 yards so I like the option of 1.1x magnification I'm currently thinking about the Steiner GS3 Scope 2-10x42 or something like a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24mm Definitely looking for an...
  5. Kim

    Ruger precision rimfire scope rail

    Has anyone replaced the 30moa factory rail by a 0moa rail? Trying to find one with great difficulty. Right now it would only see use at the cottage, where the woodpile I shoot at is at 30M and the raccoons harassing the chickens are at 15M. I just was to put an el-cheapo 200$ ruger scope and...
  6. Kim

    CCI .22LR Quiet

    I was about to order some and then noticed the 710 FPS with 40 Grain Bullet. Almost certainly will not work in semi-auto's, both rifle and pistol. 68 decibels claimed. I'm going to go ahead and order some anyway. Revolver and a vintage single shot Winchester, if nothing else.