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  1. YukonGlocker

    Christmas fund raiser for care packages to deployed Troops

    What's the deadline? I'd like to send some $$$ when I get paid next week.
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    Tapatalk | You need it

    I received an email notification saying you wanted a reply.
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    New member from Corpus

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    Tapatalk | You need it

    tapatalk loves you
  5. YukonGlocker

    20-35% percent off Goodyear or Goodyear owned tires

    Cool. I worked at Dayton. Circulated through the tubing dept. (cold and hot extruding of sidewall and tread) before stealing a job in R&D.
  6. YukonGlocker

    20-35% percent off Goodyear or Goodyear owned tires

    What do you do at the plant?
  7. YukonGlocker

    glock 43 experiences

    After years of being (mostly) glock free, I'm seriously considering giving having a fling with the G43. What has your experiences been with this one?
  8. YukonGlocker

    Vehicle Shopping

    I have a 2013 Subaru Outback, and it must be the most practical vehicle I've ever owned. I can't recommend it enough.
  9. YukonGlocker

    Tapatalk | You need it

    a quick browse through OSA could change you mind
  10. YukonGlocker

    Guns you DON'T like

    The first pistol I ever bought is also the biggest POS I ever bought. 3rd Gen. S&W...model 457. I still hate the entire platform.
  11. YukonGlocker

    Lesson in Statistical Correlation: It takes guts to shoot IPSC (satire)

    when will we cover non-linear factor analyses?
  12. YukonGlocker

    2014 - When will I get my prize?

    Let me know if you want some help automating the process.
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    Tachyon gun cam kit

    iMovie is also (if you're on a Mac)
  15. YukonGlocker

    Prize Table Discussion

    I received a couple PMs that, in effect, thought this was a joke (although missing a good punchline). It's no joke! Part of my day job is to create ways to automate things that would typically take many hours to complete. This whole prize choosing process could be cut down from days of work...
  16. YukonGlocker

    USPSA at Austin Rifle Club

    Anyone here shoot the USPSA matches at Austin Rifle Club?...first Saturday of every month.
  17. YukonGlocker

    Active Gunman and Handgun License training for school staff

    Is this open to University faculty also? What is the cost?
  18. YukonGlocker

    Prize Table Discussion

    I could create a computer program in Python that would automate this entire process. Everyone would submit their list of preferred prizes ranked from first to last (in an online form for automation), then the script could choose a person at random, look up his/her preferred prize (moving down...
  19. YukonGlocker

    Prize Table Discussion

    something like that