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  1. Dieseltech09

    WTB Right Hand G17 Holster and mag pouches in kydex

    Looking to see if anyone has anything they want to sell before I order something, Thought I had some in the works but the guy never delivered.
  2. Dieseltech09

    Glock 17

    Looking to pick up a G17. Anyone have want they want to sell before I buy new? Generation doesn't matter.
  3. Dieseltech09

    Colt Lawman MKIII value ?

    A co-worker has a very nice Colt Lawman MKIII he is trying to sell me. Its 4" blue and looks almost like new from the pics I have seen. No holster wear and a very light cylinder ring. According to him it has less than 50rds fired through it. I know nothing about these but since its a Colt I...
  4. Dieseltech09

    Savage barrel nut wrench Edmond area?

    Anyone in the Edmond area have a savage barrel nut wrench that would be willing to remove a barrel for me? Im sending an action in for a rebarrel and re-finish.
  5. Dieseltech09

    Lots of stuff I dont use any more.

    Trying to thin out all my extra stuff that I dont have a use for anymore. Glaco Royal Guard GR226 Right Hand Horsehide rough out fits Glock 23, 32, 19 MSRP $129.99 Used, Very good condition, $50. Tucker Gun Leather “The Answer” IWB Commander sized 1911 Right Hand, Leather lined kydex...
  6. Dieseltech09

    5" Kimber CDP II

    I have a 5" Kimber CDP II I'm looking to sale. I hate to get rid of it but medical bills have wiped out our savings this year and would like some extra money for Christmas. I got this on trade so total round count is unknown but it is in very good shape and very tight. Since I have had it I had...
  7. Dieseltech09

    1911 Used take off parts

    have some 1911 parts laying around from pistols Ive had upgraded. First set is from a Colt 1991 Second set is from a Kimber CDP Im thinking $60 for the Colt parts and $40 for the Kimber parts. FTF in the OKC area or shipped All parts are in working order. Feel free to make me an offer
  8. Dieseltech09

    BNIB Para Hi-Cap P14-45 1911

    I have a BNIB Para Hi-Cap P14 1911 in 45acp. Stainless steel with fixed sights with FO front. Comes with 2 14rd mags Box and all paper work. and a new pair of Hogue wrap around grips. Gun is brand new never fired and mags have never been loaded. I took it out of the plastic for pics. Asking...
  9. Dieseltech09

    511 Tactical AR 15 36"gun case $80

    Just like this one in black: I put fixed stocks on all my ARs and now I need a longer case. This one is 36". Case is in very good shape. No snags or defects. Has spent more time empty under the bed than...
  10. Dieseltech09

    M96 sporterized by Kimber of America in 6.5x55 swede

    M96 sporterized by Kimber of America. Black synthetic stock, all numbers match. Topped with an older Weaver K4 scope. I have 2 or 3 boxes of ammo to go with it. Very good shape. Bought it for my wife to hunt with and the cock on close bolt is to hard for her to work and I dont want to retro fit...
  11. Dieseltech09

    Magnum Research BFR 460sw. with Scope and alot of ammo.

    I have a excellent condition BFR 5 shot revolver chambered in .460sw. This one is topped with a Leupold FX-II 4x handgun scope. I have the following ammo and brass: 460sw 90rds Custom hunting loads. Loaded with 275gr Swift A-Frame in new StarLine nickel plated brass 10rds Federal 275gr Barnes...
  12. Dieseltech09

    Henry Big Boy 45lc

    I have a very nice Henry Big boy in 45lc for sale. Rifle is in great shape and only was a couple small dings on the bottom of the stock. This rifle is dead on accurate and a joy to shoot. around 100 rds though it and I do still have the box I dont shoot it as much as I thought I would so on the...
  13. Dieseltech09

    My new pea shooter

    Here's my new to me Magnum Research BFR in 460sw topped with a Leupold FX=II 4x28. This hand cannon is a blast to shoot.
  14. Dieseltech09

    WTB 460sw brass

    Just like the title says. Let me know what you have and what you want for it. Thanks Brian
  15. Dieseltech09

    Handgun scope than can withstand heavy recoil?

    Im looking for a fixed power handgun scope that can stand up to the abuse of the 460sw. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  16. Dieseltech09

    calendar for matches

    What about an calendar with all the matches on it where we can click a date and see if there is a match somewhere on that day. For example the next Saturday I would be able to shoot a match is June 9th. I could go to the calendar, click on June 9th and see if there are any matches scheduled for...
  17. Dieseltech09

    Zombie Max Ammo Plant

    So you can start cranking out your own zombie max ammo!!! Current bid is $2,525
  18. Dieseltech09

    AR Lower Complete. DPMS/RRA/Magpul $350

    I have a complete AR lower ready for your upper. Lower is a DPMS with a DPMS LPK and a RRA single stage trigger. Magpul MAID pistol grip with all inserts, Magpul CTR buttstock both in FDE. Ill also include a FDE 30 rd PMag. Lower also has the single point sling attachment. Im Firm at $350. I...
  19. Dieseltech09

    5/8 x 24 flash hider or thread protector

    I need a cheap thread protector for flash hider to stick on my 6.8 barrel until I decide what what I want to run. Threads are 5/8 x 24. Anyone have a A2 off their AR-10 laying around?
  20. Dieseltech09

    Help! I need a computer nerd

    I need someone to change out a screen on a Tosiba Satellite laptop. I have a new screen on the way but I would rather have someone that knows what they are doing change it out. I'll pay or trade it out in ammo.