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  1. Jcawthon

    Tristar P-120 T-120

    Anyone have experience with Tristar CZ clones? They're cheap, and on the production list. Obviously with a CZ or Tanfo you know what you're getting, but I like to look into other options. Looks like CajunGW does some work on the tristars and some of the parts are interchangeable with CZs...
  2. Jcawthon

    Practical Pistol Show with TruExodus

    So Stoeger said next episode was going to have IG sensation/internet operator Truexodus as a guest... Anyone else excited about this? I feel like theres so much potential for some serious aquardness. I Can't imagine how thats going to go... but I hope its not just a normal podcast, too much...
  3. Jcawthon

    Intro from Ada, OK

    I've met many of you at matches this year but thought I'd try and get a little more involved, starting here. I'm Jeff Cawthon, started shooting pistols about this time last year, started shooting USPSA around March, "A" class as of this month #singlestack4life. Its been a great year and I've...