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  1. Robaire Pullicar

    Broken Vortex

    Vortex customer service is awesome. I sent a strike fire in for repair. The power button got broke on a version 1 they "repaired" it and sent it back in less than 5 days. However I was having issues with the dot cycling colors from green to red. I emailed them they sent my a shipping label and I...
  2. Robaire Pullicar

    Dawson CRP edge in 40 complete limited setup

    Complete setup getting out of limited. CRP hard chrome edge with STI aluminum grip and Dawson big hand magwell. Pretty low round count not exactly sure but under 8k. I bought the gun new 2 years ago and shot it one season. 5 mags with Dawson basepads. Have 58 pounds of 40 brass a 8 pound jug of...
  3. Robaire Pullicar

    9mm: What Brand Ammo and Grain do you use for 3gun?

    Morgan Montgomery was using these for three gun. He said the won't make minor for uspsa in his predator 2011. Can't remember for sure what they made but it was around 120.
  4. Robaire Pullicar

    New Rules For USPSA Carry Optics

    Hmmm maybe time to put a dot on the G34.
  5. Robaire Pullicar

    WTB: Magwell (2011)

    Brand new take off $40 shipped...
  6. Robaire Pullicar

    Bulleit Bourbon

    yeah I'd just sell that on the secondary market...
  7. Robaire Pullicar

    Bulleit Bourbon

    Here's my current bourbon selection
  8. Robaire Pullicar

    Bulleit Bourbon

    which is why he still shoots a glock!
  9. Robaire Pullicar

    Bulleit Bourbon

    Bulleit is good to go for a cheaper bourbon. Leadslinger is way to young! This is [emoji91][emoji91]blanton's is my regular go to though!!
  10. Robaire Pullicar

    2017 Walther Arms Area 4 Championship

    Mike I'm in email sent!
  11. Robaire Pullicar

    Case stuck in chamber

    My buddy has had several case separations in his cheap just right carbine with freedom munitions. Then last night I read someone complaining on freedoms Facebook post about case separations in a carbine so I'm guessing this is gonna be a common problem with their brass and carbines
  12. Robaire Pullicar

    Case stuck in chamber

    It's step down to reduce case volume to help make power factor.....
  13. Robaire Pullicar

    Good price on 2011

    it's not the "custom gun" it's a Brazos high performance edge. But I know who's selling it and it was bought from and worked on by Brazos.
  14. Robaire Pullicar

    Good price on 2011

    Surprised to find this on armslist and in Lawton of all places but I'm pretty sure I know who's it is.
  15. Robaire Pullicar


    Hey Guys Alot of us are going to the Red Dirt Match in OK ,so we are moving our USPSA Match to the Fifth Weekend so we can get some practice in before red dirt. we also moved the Falling steel match to this coming weekend. so take Note: Falling Steel This Saturday and USPSA the Last Saturday...
  16. Robaire Pullicar

    16" carbine concealed bag?

    Definitely like the Trojan horse bag and its long enough. That's why Mitch is so awesome!
  17. Robaire Pullicar

    16" carbine concealed bag?

    i looked at those but upper and lower would need to be separated unless it was a pretty short SBR. Then the whole SBR thing would be a issue since I would want to travel out of state with it. I'll have to see what I can find in Amazon
  18. Robaire Pullicar

    16" carbine concealed bag?

    Guess I didn't realize my 16" with comp is 33" oal. Time for a folding stock or something.