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  1. Glock_21

    3-30-19 Shotgun Match?

    I spy a 5th Saturday on the calendar. Is there any discussion about a shotgun match?
  2. Glock_21

    UML @ "The Mound" Nov 10 & 11 2018 Who's Going?

    Who's going to Pawnee this weekend? Which day?
  3. Glock_21

    Powder Valley - Free Hazmat with $150 Vihtavuori Purchase

    Powder Valley is offering free hazmat with the purchase of $150 worth of any VV powder.
  4. Glock_21

    QC-10 Parts Kits

    QC-10 has a couple of parts kits available for their small frame Glock receivers. These aren't available very often. Only 4 left at 9;20 am 11/9/17.
  5. Glock_21

    2018 Pawnee Winter Run 'n Gun January 20, 2018

    From the organizers. Tickets go on sale 9-30-17. The winter events usually sell out in a day. A Message from Oklahoma Run 'n Gun:Oklahoma Winter Run N Gun 2018 will be January 2oth, 2018. Tickets will go on sale September 30, 2017. At you can read...
  6. Glock_21

    Free Hazmat on Selected Powders from Powder Valley

    Free hazmat on selected powders from Powder Valley. Good 8-16 and 8-17, 2017. Free Hazmat when you spend $150 or more on Accurate, Ramshot, and Norma Powders! To Receive Free Hazmat Use Promotion Code: AugustHaz17 There are two places to type in the promo...
  7. Glock_21

    2017 Summer Run 'n Gun - July 22, 2017

    Registration opens April 4th for the 2017 Summer Run 'n Gun. The event will be held on July 22, 2017 north of Pawnee Oklahoma.
  8. Glock_21

    C-More Questions

    I know lots of people run C-More sights on open guns and I see a lot of "Railway" sights on PCC guns. Which options does everyone like and why? Polymer or aluminum? Click switch or standard? Dot size? For PCC, standard height or the taller "tactical" version? And go.......
  9. Glock_21

    RTIC on Sale

    Saw this on another forum. RTIC 20 RTIC 45 RTIC 65
  10. Glock_21

    Vortex Strike Eagle $280.49

    Primary Arms has the Strike Eagle on sale for $280.49.
  11. Glock_21

    January 2017 Run 'n Gun 1-28-2017

    The January 2017 Run 'n Gun will be held on Saturday, January 28, 2017. Tickets will go on sale at 9:00 am Saturday, October 15, 2016. More information can be found here
  12. Glock_21

    Primary Arms Labor Day Sale

    Primary Arms has some pretty good stuff on sale this weeked. Use code "laborday". Vortex Strike Eagle for $280.49.
  13. Glock_21

    3-Gun at TriggerGuard 6-25-2016

    Anyone need a 3-Gun fix?? Here is the information from Mike about Saturday's 3-Gun match in Wellington. Saturday 3 Gun Match (4th Saturday of each month) Date: Saturday (6-25-2016) Start Time: 9:00 AM (CT) Location: TriggerGuard 313 N. Meridian Wellington, KS 67152 Sign in starts...
  14. Glock_21

    3-Gun in Wellington Kansas

    Anyone been to the 3-gun match in Wellington? Thoughts???
  15. Glock_21

    Pawnee Winter Run 'n Gun

    Registration is open for the 2016 Pawnee Winter Run 'n Gun, January 30, 2016.
  16. Glock_21

    9mm Bullets, sell/trade

    1000 X-Treme plated 124 grain HP bullets, $80 or trade for 1000 X-Treme 124 gr RN. 900 BBI 125 gr RN $70 or trade for X-Treme 124 gr RN Might also be willing to work out a trade for X-Treme 10/40 180 RNFP. Perry/Stillwater area or meet up at a match. Not interested in shipping.
  17. Glock_21

    Greg Tinney

    Good transaction through the mail with Greg. I would not hesitate to deal with him again.
  18. Glock_21

    Glock GSSF Matches

    Has anyone shot a GSSF match? There is a match in Kansas in a couple weeks. I cant decide if I want to go or not. It looks like a "stand there and shoot" kind of a deal, sorta like steel challenge or a qualifier stage. Anyone with any experience or opinions? Cue Glock haters in...
  19. Glock_21

    Safety 1st 3-15-2015 Match Results

    Link to results.
  20. Glock_21

    X-Treme Bullets, Free Shipping Today

    X-Treme Bullets is offering free shipping today (2-14) on all orders up to $1000.