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  1. Brandon Deem

    WTB Versamax factory buttstock

    Looking for the factory ADJUSTABLE buttstock for the versamax. Anyone switch to a pistol grip or something and have one laying around? Sent from my HTC6545LVW using Tapatalk
  2. Brandon Deem

    Nordic components code

    Does anyone have a coupon code for Nordic? Thanks in advance.
  3. Brandon Deem

    Sponsor logos

    Is it possible to get a file of all the sponsor logos? I'de like to make a collage to put at the beginning of my competition videos.
  4. Brandon Deem

    Facebook video series ideas?

    I'm a long standing member of a very large beard group on Facebook. Historically they have just posted beard selfies and jokes but they are wanting to mix things up. I have been asked to do a monthly video roughly 5 minutes long. They know I like to compete and that I'm a "gun guy" and have...
  5. Brandon Deem

    Buckshot vs bird

    Another noob question. (I'm sure it won't be the last) I've never shot buckshot. On targets that are buck/bird option, when do u choose buck? This stage for example 😀
  6. Brandon Deem

    Mossberg Shotgun March 19 2016 I have a question. Format says 1/2 day. Would that be 2 half days? There are 10 stages total. Also, is anyone going? I'll be there, and hopefully not get last.
  7. Brandon Deem

    Versamax over gassed?

    Had a match this past weekend with a spinner so I decided to get some Prairie storm 2 3/4 #6 1500 fps. Bolt cycled and ejected the spent shell but the next shell remained on the lifter. Is that load too hot in 2 3/4 and bouncing the bolt back too quickly? Maybe a 3" would be better to cover...
  8. Brandon Deem

    Cheap Break Over 50

    Have yall seen this? $875 until Feb 19th, then $1200
  9. Brandon Deem

    Preferred Fiber Optic Front Sight

    Drug my versamax in the bed of my truck and broke off the plastic front bead. Is there a preferred fiber that every one is using?
  10. Brandon Deem

    For the man that must know EXACTLY what time it is.

    Wear a watch on both hands [emoji2]. Just messin.
  11. Brandon Deem

    Versamax help, please!

    Versamax sportsman, all work done by me (don't judge just yet). The lifter is hanging sometimes (often) when trying to chamber the next round. Slight pressure on the lifter or pushing the charging handle forward will make it load. Less force required on the lifter. I have read online that the...
  12. Brandon Deem

    Barrel choice JP or Nordic

    From what I've read those 2 seem to be the go to for an 18" rifle gas. There's tons more out that but they all seem to be heavier. Thoughts suggestions?
  13. Brandon Deem

    WTB Versamax adjust buttstock

    Has anyone replaced their versamax stock and have the factory adjustable one just laying around? I have a sportsman model that is completely non adjustable and it doesn't fit me quite right.
  14. Brandon Deem


    New guy here. 3 matches into my first year shooting 3 gun. I'm addicted. I'm on the west side of Houston, in Katy. If anyone in the area wants to meet up for a match, let me know! Here's a dressed up donkey just for fun. [emoji6]