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  1. Willfully armed

    IDPA @ CCGC Topeka 3/12/17

    The first match of the season is Sunday March 12th. Per our usual schedule the gate will be open at 7:30 for setup and the match will start at 10:00. The following people are signed up to setup: Dan Wadley David Judd Austin Jones Daylight savings time starts on the 12th so set your clocks...
  2. Willfully armed

    How to report posts to admin?

    Maybe im dense, but i dont see a way.
  3. Willfully armed

    Tools needed for 10//22 Power Custom trigger install?

    So, I have very little tooling at the new house, my 6' Matco box, along with 99.99% of my tools is 20 miles away at the shop. Add the fact that this will be my first 10/22 trigger, on my first 10/22 That I've had for a week.... I'm unfamiliar with their innards. Now, give me a glock and $12...