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  1. Robaire Pullicar

    Dawson CRP edge in 40 complete limited setup

    Complete setup getting out of limited. CRP hard chrome edge with STI aluminum grip and Dawson big hand magwell. Pretty low round count not exactly sure but under 8k. I bought the gun new 2 years ago and shot it one season. 5 mags with Dawson basepads. Have 58 pounds of 40 brass a 8 pound jug of...
  2. Robaire Pullicar

    Good price on 2011

    Surprised to find this on armslist and in Lawton of all places but I'm pretty sure I know who's it is.
  3. Robaire Pullicar


    Hey Guys Alot of us are going to the Red Dirt Match in OK ,so we are moving our USPSA Match to the Fifth Weekend so we can get some practice in before red dirt. we also moved the Falling steel match to this coming weekend. so take Note: Falling Steel This Saturday and USPSA the Last Saturday...
  4. Robaire Pullicar

    16" carbine concealed bag?

    With the current state of affairs I'm looking for a bag to carry my 16" rifle in that it can 1) Be completely assembled and ready to rock and roll 2) Not scream tactical hey I just threw a AR in my car. The only thing I've found is this UTG bag has anyone had any experience with it? UTG ABC...
  5. Robaire Pullicar

    Double tap ranch cowtown tune up match

    USPSA warm up match for cowtown this Sat at Double Tap Ranch. 7 stages about 170 rnds with a classifier. We will in corporate some aspects of stages from CT (IE: texas star, swingers, strong hand etc.) 20.00 Fun starts at 10am I've only seen Robert post this on Facebook so I figured I'd share.
  6. Robaire Pullicar

    Glock 34 setup for production

    Glock 34 worked on by accurate iron. 5 mags 2 Dawson base pads. Have bag of extra springs. Currently has a lone wolf barrel in it to shoot lead also have original barrel. Will throw in a CR speed wsm holster. Not sure on round count I've put maybe 1500 through it but I bought it from JT and I...
  7. Robaire Pullicar

    Anyone using a CMC 2/2 trigger?

    I'm in the market for another AR trigger and I'm leaning towards a CMC 2/2. I currently run a AR Gold and love it. So basically I'm looking for any input on the CMC specifically if anyone has actually tried one. They run about $210 so I wouldn't be saving a lot of coin anyway. Just looking to...
  8. Robaire Pullicar

    Kimber Royal II SS complete southpaw setup

    I don't see myself shooting this anytime in the future so up for sale or trade is my complete single stack setup that would make a nice L-10 gun as well. I'll list what's included and what I spent on it. It is used and shows holster wear but shoots great. I'd prefer to move it as a package but...
  9. Robaire Pullicar

    Lee pro 1000

    Should be getting my 650 tomorrow so I need to clear the bench. I have a lee pro 1000 I have the conversions for 9 40 223. I have a bunch of stuff Ina box for it. Currently set up for 40 s&w ready to load. It will come with the 40 dies I'll be keeping my 223 and 9mm dies. This is a good budget...
  10. Robaire Pullicar

    Knockdown Steel match Ada 11-29-14

    Just wanted to put this out there haven't seen it posted yet. This is a knockdown steel match. who's going?
  11. Robaire Pullicar

    Alien gear holsters= No Bueno!

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up in alien gear holsters. I haven't even received my holster yet and I will not be buying anything from them again. I'm at 5 1/2 weeks wait now and still haven't received a shipping notification. They advertise 4-6 week lead time. But I was talking about it...
  12. Robaire Pullicar

    3 gun at double tap

    Just wanted to let everyone know that 3 gun is up and running again at double tap on the second Saturday's. It would be cool if some more of the oklahoma guys could come down and make a showing. Cool stages and rifle stage can be out to 350 yards. Also I spoke with Robert at yesterday's USPSA...
  13. Robaire Pullicar

    2011 trigger

    Looking for a gunsmith to do a trigger job on my Sti edge and possibly do some slide cuts. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
  14. Robaire Pullicar

    Looking for ar gold trigger

    Looking for a local source or if anyone may have a extra ar gold trigger and also some xs 45 degree ar irons. If anyone has some in the okc area please let me know.
  15. Robaire Pullicar

    VV n 105 for trade

    I bought this to try a 9mm major load. Changed my mind would like to trade for a faster burning pistol powder. All powder trade offers considered.
  16. Robaire Pullicar

    Slide racker and certificate

    I got this stuff off prize table and have no use for it. Brazos zig racker 60.00 and a 50.00 certificate for goods and service to would like to trade for a couple pounds of pistol powder titegroup,CFE or? Thanks for looking. I'd consider a cash offer but prefer powder trade
  17. Robaire Pullicar

    Best open glock kit?

    Ok just got a glock 17 I want to play around in open with so I'm looking for opinions pros and cons of the open kits out there. It's just gonna be to play with not to serious so I'm not buying another 2011 right now. I'm looking at jager/sjc/carver stuff leaning towards sjc with a fastfire...
  18. Robaire Pullicar

    Quad loading JM PRO?

    This is a question for anyone quad loading a JM PRO. Has anyone modified the hand guard to accommodate quad loading? I just got my invictus practical caddies in today started practicing and it seems the hand guard is my biggest issue currently the second set of shells catch. It looks like I...
  19. Robaire Pullicar

    Cowtown steel match who's going?

    Just curious if any other forum members are gonna be at the cowtown steel match in TX this weekend?