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  1. DC4OU

    Trump Rocks!

    I love Trump, if only for this reason. I walked into Academy on I240 yesterday and the entire end carp was 22s. I wonder if everyone was holding on to the 22s until after the election. I then walked into the OKC jail and got another surprise.
  2. DC4OU

    Powder available

    I was in Lubbock this morning and walked into the local gun store, Sharp Shooters. I went over to the powder section and immediately saw Unique, Bullseye, Titegroup, Varget, Power Pistol and many more. I started drooling and thought I had hit pay dirt. I picked up the first 1lb jug and it was...
  3. DC4OU

    I would like to trade Winchester primers for CCI

    I have 2,000 Winchester small pistol primers still in the box that I would like to trade for CCI small pistol primers. I bought 5K before I tried them. I seem to crush a lot of them. I don't know which primers cost more but I would trade across the board or kick in a little if CCIs cost more...
  4. DC4OU

    Should I weld on my AR500 steel?

    I have some 66% IPSC targets in AR500 steel. I was going to paint the A zone from a USPSA target on them and someone told me to weld the zone on there. Sounds like a good idea if it does not damage the steel. I could turn the welder way down to prevent it from getting too hot. Do you think...
  5. DC4OU

    Dillon 223 dies for Dillon 650 part# 10839

    I have a new set of Dillon 223 dies for the Dillon 650 part# 10839 that I need to sell. They are still sealed. I bought them at H&H for $70. It still has the price tag on. I will let them go for that price. I will eat the tax.
  6. DC4OU

    Best shotgun for small 10 year old boy?

    My boy turned 10 years old 2 weeks ago. He has a smaller frame (approx. 60-65 lbs). He just got in the OKCGC 4H shooting sports. He is required to shoot a 20 gauge. He is currently shooting a very small 410 pump because his first 20 gauge pump (a year ago) kicked him so hard it bloodied his...