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  1. Wormydog1724

    So there I was....

    Knee deep in a pile of llama manure with nothing on but a yellow duck floaty. It had suddenly become apparent that I was in no shape to fly the plane nor to bed the famous actress. Hell just two hours ago I was having chicken fights with a midget and I lost! Oh man now THAT was a quinceanera I...
  2. Wormydog1724

    Gym Workout

    Do you even lift bro? Yeah I guess you could say I'm into fitness. Fitness beer into my stomach! Heyooooooo!
  3. Wormydog1724

    New Old Guy

    Hi. I'm Jeremy, and I like to party.
  4. Wormydog1724

    Easter 3 Gun weekend

    Is Easter 3 gun weekend in Okc and Tulsa happening?
  5. Wormydog1724


    Hello I like to shoot 3 gun. I live in the Texas panhandle. Its really windy and flat out here with not a lot of trees.
  6. Wormydog1724

    Nordic Components NC-22 upper

    Nordic Components NC22 .22LR upper This is a dedicated .22LR upper receiver with a 16" barrel, 13" Troy VTAC Alpha handguard. Also comes with a Taccom LW barrel, it's a lightweight aluminum shrouded barrel. The bolt is Nordic's own proprietary design, reminds me a little of a 10/22 bolt, it...
  7. Wormydog1724

    Nightforce 1-4x24 nxs mildot reticle

    Nightforce 1-4x24 nxs compact optic Mildot reticle Larue mount $1000 optic only $1200 with larue mount Trade for handgun(s). (Glocks, M&P's, quality 1911) I'm in the Oklahoma panhandle but can meet in Okc for the right deal.
  8. Wormydog1724

    Two boomer lowers

    I have two stripped boomer shooter lowers. Want to trade them for one complete lower, something with a simpler roll mark. Pm me.
  9. Wormydog1724

    Eotech 552 w/ LaRue riser & Aimpoint Comp M4 w/ ADM mount

    Eotech 552 (with box) with LaRue Tactical qd riser. $500 Aimpoint Comp M4 (with box) with ADM qd mount. $500 FTF Norman. PM me. I'll post pics tonight.
  10. Wormydog1724

    Magpul PRS stock kit black

    Like new Magpul PRS stock kit black Includes: Magpul PRS stock Rifle length buffer tube, buffer, and buffer spring spring Put approximately 100 rounds through it yesterday and found it wasn't my cup 'o tea. $260 shipped Or PRS stock only for $200 Discreet PayPal preferred. Pm me.
  11. Wormydog1724

    Taylormade Rocketballz graphite irons, 4-PW, SW... and other clubs and bag

    I have a used set of Taylormade Rocketballz irons 4-PW & SW, graphite shafts, stiff. The 4 and 5 irons show the most use. Grips are in great shape. $375 is going to be the price for the entire set. I also have two well well used drivers (Titleist and Stratos) and a Stratos 3 wood and a well used...
  12. Wormydog1724

    Troy TRX Extreme 15"

    Want to sell a Troy TRX Extreme 15". This is the 'older' style with proprietary barrel nut, which will be included along with the wrench and all the extra rail sections I can find. It used to sell new for $190~, so since its discontinued, and used, will sell for $145 shipped. PayPal, PM me. 16"...
  13. Wormydog1724

    Troy BUIS FDE set, DD fixed front, ADM aimpoint mount, Surefire & Inforce lights

    1) Troy BUIS set, fde, standard front. $180 2) Daniel Defense fixed front sight. $55. 3) Colt carry handle. $65. 4) American Defense Mfg. Aimpoint Micro T-1/H-1 mount with lower 1/3 and co-witness spacers. Like new. $110 shipped. 5) Like new surefire x400. No box. $350 shipped. 6) Like new...
  14. Wormydog1724

    M&P40 and Glock 22

    M&P40 fullsize, 3x 15 round mags, factory case -$450 Glock 22 with Night Sights, 2x 15 round mags, no case -$550 One Thousand U.S. American Dollars for both. FTF Norman
  15. Wormydog1724

    AR-15 bolt carrier

    Looking for one ar-15 bolt carrier with gas key. I don't need the bolt. I don't care about brand at all. So take that spare carrier out of your DPMS/Bushmaster/Rock River/Oly Arms and sell it to me! Also looking for a spare Benelli M2 bolt carrier assembly thing. And a spare M&P 9 or 40...
  16. Wormydog1724

    Off-Duty Blanchard cop pulls gun after traffic accident

    I have looked and can't find this posted anywhere on here. If it is, I'm sorry. "NORMAN, Okla. - A Norman man is accusing an off-duty Blanchard police officer of abusing his power after the two men got into a...
  17. Wormydog1724

    The One That Got Away

    This is my brother stalking a deer in December '12. CLICK PIC FOR VIDEO
  18. Wormydog1724

    WTT: Glock 17 Gen 3 FDE

    I have a Glock 17 Gen 3 FDE frame with a Bar-Sto threaded stainless barrel and 7x 17 round mags. All mags are Glock OEM mags. None of that junk aftermarket junk. Want to trade for an M&P 9. Equivalent number of mags and a comparable barrel, or night sights, or you add cash to make up...
  19. Wormydog1724

    Trade 1,000 .40 S&W for 9mm

    I have a 1,000 round box of .40 S&W 180gr FMJ Red River Ammo. I need 1,500 rounds 9mm FMJ. Amount of 9nm is negotiable but will not trade 1:1. I've shot 1,500 of this Red River Ammo with no issues. This is trade only, not for sale, will not split up. It's loose in a box so I'm not going to...
  20. Wormydog1724

    Trijicon TA33G-H ACOG w/ LaRue Dos Mini mount.

    I have a like new Trijicon TA33G-H ACOG w/ LaRue Dos Mini mount. Want to trade for a like new Aimpoint T-1 2moa w/ LaRue mount. I'll need $250 cash on top too. Pm me.