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  1. The Antichrome

    For Sale: DILLON 550 used

    For sale: Dillon 550 reloading press. I bought this used back in 2007, so it's broken in by now. Included in Dillon box: Press with standard handle. Primer system with Unique Tek bearing track plate and original plate. Low primer warning device with fresh battery Small and Large primer tubes...
  2. The Antichrome


    For Sale: Set of 4 Dawson Precision SNL Tool Less basepads for 2011 mags. Used, but in absolutely usable good condition. They're Red. They sell new for $32.50 each plus shipping. Buy my set of 4 for $90 shipped ($80 if you pick them up at the Old Fort Shootout this Sunday) They look just like...
  3. The Antichrome


    Anybody try one of these yet?
  4. The Antichrome

    Custom 6" STI 2011 40 cal. FS

    That's a steal!
  5. The Antichrome

    R.O. test questions

    Yes, but you'll have to take the "long" test instead of the short 20 Q test... Contact Troy and he can send it to you.
  6. The Antichrome

    WTB: Magwell (2011)

    I need a magwell to fit an STI 2011 grip. Pref. Dawson Ice or STI. Its for a spare gun, so It doesn't need to be like new. WYG? Thanks!...Robert
  7. The Antichrome

    G34 slide locking ever shot

    Slide stop spring prob not installed correctly.
  8. The Antichrome

    Fantasy Training Camp

    Mine is twice that and only last one afternoon.
  9. The Antichrome

    FS: Heavy Ice Magwell for 2011

    For Sale: Heavy Ice Magwell from Dawson. Like newish. Used 6 or 7 matches. Buy a new one for $159.95 plus shipping from Dawson. Or, Buy mine for $135 shipped. Looks like this:
  10. The Antichrome

    SVI Grip Safety FS

    For Sale: SVI Infinity Competition Grip Safety. Fits 2011 platform. Stainless Steel. Thumb Relief profile. Non-Pivoting. Smooth bump. Unused. This cost $90.00 + $11.00 shipping new at Buy mine for $80 shipped. Thanks for...
  11. The Antichrome

    Da new Blasta

    I broke down and got a new gat in chrome. Yeah me, with a chrome blaster. Go figure. 1st bespoke gun I've ever commissioned. Rob and Jerry (Momentum Gun Works) built this for me. I couldnt be happier.
  12. The Antichrome

    Dillon 650 For Sale $800

    Holy crap, what a deal.
  13. The Antichrome

    STI 2011 Mags .40 126mm

    SOLD. Mods please lock this. Thank you! Oh wait, that's my job.
  14. The Antichrome

    STI 2011 Mags .40 126mm

    For Sale: Set of 4 - 126mm .40 mags for STI 2011 platform. These hold 14 rounds and fit flush with standard 2011 grips. Lightly used. $130 shipped. Would trade for a Nitro Fin. (will not ship to restricted states, if its not legal for you buy/own/use 14 round mags in your state, then don't...
  15. The Antichrome

    I live in Bella Vista AR, no 3 gun close.

    Skip, The closest 3 gun to you is down here at Old Fort Gun Club in Ft Smith. The match director is Micah Scott...he lives in Bella Vista. No 3 gun, but we hold USPSA and IDPA matches in Centerton as well. Other than that, you're travelling to USSA at Tulsa, COPS Range, in Rolla, MO. or Little...
  16. The Antichrome

    Cant Paste or Use Posting Tools?

    I cant either from my desktop if I'm in Explorer.
  17. The Antichrome

    Question for everyone who shoots at OFGC

    Oh geez, I have a lot of thoughts on this, but I'll try to keep it short and to the point. I love Pro-Am. If it was common and accessible, it would be my favorite game. I shot Phil's early Pro-Am's at USSA and then his Major matches, and USSA's later P/A matches, and have tried it at Coweta as...