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  1. WillR

    WTT my H335 for your pistol powder

    I have unopened 8lb jugs of H335. I need some WST, Titegroup, or other pistol powder to load 9,40, 45. Looking for trade only at this time. Thanks
  2. WillR

    Leupold VX*R Patrol 1.25-4x20 New in box. Plastic shrink wrap still on box. Lists on optics planet for $600. Will take $500 (firm) ftf north Edmond or ship on your dime.
  3. WillR

    9 mm Cimarron Ammo

    124 gr 9mm loaded to about 135 PF. A 0.25/each. Less if you buy over 1k. FTF north Edmond.
  4. WillR

    Rem X-Mark trigger recal. If you have a 700 or 7 read this.
  5. WillR

    Barrel length vs velocity This I a pretty interesting article. They basically take a rifle and a hacksaw to the barrel a inch at a time.
  6. WillR

    IMR 4064 at Gene Sears

    If you need rifle powder might want to go get some. It's $22.99/lb and they have 211 lbs as of now. It will sell out quickly.
  7. WillR

    1320 lbs of 556 brass auction Anybody ever buy anything like this. I was curious what it will end up going for and how you get it shipped if you buy it. Looks like 4 days left on the auction. The bid is at 240 but I can't imagine it going for less...
  8. WillR

    Who's going to Texas Multigun?

    Just wondering if anyone from Oklahoma is going. I am signed up but don't know of anyone else going.
  9. WillR

    Burris 1x-4x-24mm XTR Xtreme Illuminated Tactical Riflescope

    Excellent condition. Comes with PEPR QD mount. Two sets of rings. Smooth top or rail. $500
  10. WillR

    tactical fire control trigger Anyone seen this? It's a 3 position trigger that has "positive reset" on the third position. Has a ATF/non NFA compliance letter. And a $495 price tag. Thoughts?
  11. WillR

    Magpul press release. Moving to WY and TX Sure would have been nice to get them here. Wonder if the state income tax had much to do with the decision?
  12. WillR

    Primers at Powder Valley

    They just got in 4M Winchester primers. $29.50.
  13. WillR

    Stag Arms gift cert

    This is for $300 off a rifle or $100 off upper. $150
  14. WillR

    Nordic tactical shotgun shooters package gift cert

    This is a $200 face value certificate for Nordic MXT shotgun mag extension Barrel clamp w tac rail Follower Bolt handle Bolt release button Nordic cap For basically any shotgun model. Look at pic. You also pick number of rounds added. $150
  15. WillR

    308 bullets

    1500 total. 147 gr M80 ball. FTF Edmond or ship on your dime. $250 firm.
  16. WillR

    P-Mags $10.95

    Sg Ammo has these. Stock up now and avoid the next panic attack.
  17. WillR

    223 federal $0.57/rd

    Not the best deal but they have it and it's not a buck a round. Hopefully we will see ammo and reloading supplies back to normal soon.
  18. WillR

    Stag Arms Gift Certificate

    I have a Stag Arms gift certificate that is good for $300 towards the purchase of a rifle. $200. Thanks.
  19. WillR

    Surefire 6P

    New in package. $50. Plus shipping if you can't meet me at a match. Thanks.