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  1. KurtM

    IPSC World Rifle Championships, Karlskoga Sweden

    U.S. standard (iron sights) semi auto team 3rd place. Joe Easter 2nd in Standard Division Kelly Neal 1st in Standard Senior Division Kurt Miller 1st in Standard Super Senior Division Michael Rush 2nd in Standard Super Senior Division
  2. KurtM

    Cool stuff at SHOT show

    Well, for those of you lucky enough to have missed the S.H.O.T. show, here is my take on it. It has been a down year in the industry and that took it's tole on displays. Everyone and their brother, sister, dog, cat, and Peruvian water turtle for the young one, now makes an AR-15 type...
  3. KurtM

    20% off Any Seekins precision order cert, and 20% off Eggleston munitions. Free

    Got these two certs, free to who ever wants them Seeking decision com
  4. KurtM

    Hyper Fire EDT SS hammer/trigger set for AR-15

    Brand New in the package. Hyper Fire EDT SS hammer/trigger, pins and springs. Kit claims 4.5. - 5.5 adjustable pull weight. $70.00
  5. KurtM

    500 bullet box of Montana Gold 115 gr. FMJ 9mm

    I got a 500 bullets of Montana a Gold F M.J. 115 grain bullets for reloading. $75.00 takes it.... They list for $93.00 on their web site. Great for open guns!!!
  6. KurtM

    VCR to DVD recording, and then onto the interweb

    Ok, I am a NO TECH dinosaur. What I have are several VCR tapes of several years of stages at the old S.O.F match. Many people have asked to get them posted. Anyone here do any of that? Let me know. Thanks!
  7. KurtM

    1 Shield CQS 4 MOA red dot and two JPoint for sale

    I've got two JPoint red dot sights with 4 MOA dots. One is new in box for $200.00 the other came off my Flock long slide I used to use for team challenge. It has the instructions and wrenches for $150.00 The Shield CQS Is a military issue sight in the U.K. it is made out of solid aluminum. It...
  8. KurtM

    OKCGUNCLUB GUN CLUB March 2013 scores.

    Where are the scores for this match? It has been over for 9 hours now, and nothing! I know John, Shannon, and Kurt had nothing to do with it, so why the big delay?. I saw the finals around 3:00 out at the range and am just wondering who to blame for this one!
  9. KurtM


    I met Marshal today, and what a great guy! If you guy interact with him and he jokes with you, or at your expense, consider him like a "family guy", just like the original boomers. I know he has been a member here for quit a while, but he is a cool guy!
  10. KurtM

    J.P. Enterprises SCR-11 Less than 1000 rounds for sale

    This is a SCR-11 (side charging rifle) in 223 Winchester. It has a 20" 1X8 twist medium contour barrel with a Wylde chamber, ACE stock, Ambi safety and extended free float tube! This rifle has only two matches on it and a very limited number of practice rounds, I didn't keep track of exact...
  11. KurtM

    looking for a stock Glock 21

    I need a fairly stock Glock 21. Night sights would be a plus. I am help.g out a friend who is becoming a reserve officer. Thanks
  12. KurtM

    13th anual Women's fun shoot, Sept. 8, 2012

    As you may know, the 13th anual Womens Fun Shoot is happening this next Saturday. 350 + women signed up to experience their first time to shoot a firearm EVER in a safe and "gender friendly" environment. I am a little disapointed in the fact that after perusing the list of Coaches, R.O.s and...
  13. KurtM

    How did the guys do in Georgia?

    This Saturday was the second pro series 3-Gun Nation Match, for the pro shooters. I am wondering how Jesse and Chris did. Jesse has been on fire so I hope the silence we are experiencing on this match is due to a victory hang over. Hope it went Great!
  14. KurtM

    anyone from okc going to alpha training centers USPSA match this weekend?

    I got some stuff to go up there and I left 4 pigeon flippers up there after the shotgun class that need to come home. I will throw some gas money at ya. Thanks!
  15. KurtM

    anyone from okc going to alpha training centers USPSA match this weekend?

    I got some stuff to go up there and I left 4 pigeon flippers up there after the shotgun class that need to come home. I will throw some gas money at ya. Thanks!
  16. KurtM

    xtreem 180 grain .40 cal bullets for sale

    These are a plated bullet they weigh 180 grains and are a round nose flat point design. I have been using them for years and really recommend them. I have 4,000 of them for sale for $100.00/ thousand
  17. KurtM

    J.P. Enterprises EZ trigger set certificate

    I have a certificate for a J.P. trigger package. Hammer, trigger, all springs and adjustable safety that can be ambi. Here is a picture cause everyone likes picktures $200.00 takes it and you can see the value on the cert. Give me a ring. (405) 308-5292
  18. KurtM

    1911 barrel link question

    I recently was told that the height of the link would change where the disconnect relief cut would sit in relation to the disconnect. So I thought I would give it a try on 3 of my single stack 1911s. The 3 I chose have the frame and slide absolutely flush when in lock u. This tells me the...
  19. KurtM

    Bushnell ELITE 1-6.5X scopes

    I am no kind of "product reviewer" but I have had a quite a bit of time behind one of these scopes now. Mine is the First Focal Plain, these were the first ones to come out so that is what I have. The one I have is a BTR-1. You will have to go to and look the reticle up cause I...
  20. KurtM

    Eric Miller Colorado State 3-Gun Champion

    Congrats to Eric Miller for winning the Colorado State 3-Gun Championship both as Tac Optics and High Over all! Not bad for a guy with an 1100 with wood stocks and loading only 3 at a time weak handed against Noveske's Rob Romero.