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  1. Wormydog1724

    So there I was....

    Knee deep in a pile of llama manure with nothing on but a yellow duck floaty. It had suddenly become apparent that I was in no shape to fly the plane nor to bed the famous actress. Hell just two hours ago I was having chicken fights with a midget and I lost! Oh man now THAT was a quinceanera I...
  2. Wormydog1724

    Gym Workout

    Everyone here still fat? Nice!
  3. Wormydog1724

    How to report posts to admin?

    There was a porn spammer and I missed?! Dammit!!
  4. Wormydog1724

    AR Photo Thread

    Yes. Let the butt hurt flow through you
  5. Wormydog1724

    Slemmo shooting stuff

    I like the Rapid Pivot bipod mount on the bottom rifle. I use the same attachment for coyote hunting.
  6. Wormydog1724

    .22 Nosler

    6.8 SPC does everything the .22 Nosler does.
  7. Wormydog1724

    Any reason to SBR and Suppress a 6.8 SPC

    Hearing tolerable it is, but just barely imo. After hole drilling, engraving and paint.
  8. Wormydog1724

    Gym Workout

    I used to
  9. Wormydog1724

    Gym Workout

    Do you even lift bro? Yeah I guess you could say I'm into fitness. Fitness beer into my stomach! Heyooooooo!
  10. Wormydog1724

    Handgun Pic's! Post 'em if you got em'!

    I like these guns. May I see some more sir?
  11. Wormydog1724

    Bulleit Bourbon

    I've been drinking Bulleit for a couple years now. I usually put an ice cube with it but lately have just been sipping it neat. A couple of those and I'm g2g. Also like Dickel Whisky No. 12. A bit different than Bulleit but similar enough. Haven't really found another whisky that compliments...
  12. Wormydog1724

    Ronin Tactics - Edged Weapons - March 11 & 12, 2017 - Broken Arrow

    Dude this is awesome! He was in witchita this past year and I wanted to go to that so bad. Tu is a badass.
  13. Wormydog1724

    Any reason to SBR and Suppress a 6.8 SPC

    We use 6.8 for coyote hunting and it has been awesome. We use 16" barrels. Short enough to be handy, but long enough to have good ballistics still. There's give or take with anything. I used to use an AAC SDN6 (my brother still does) but I got tired of the weight and built an all titanium Form 1...
  14. Wormydog1724

    .22lr suppressor host

    I've been using my M&P-22 pistol for a long ass time now. I compared it to my Ruger and to me the M&P sounded a little quieter (due to the action I suppose). I like it because I can put my thumb over the back of the slide to keep it from cycling and then it's really quiet, movie quiet. I have an...
  15. Wormydog1724

    RIA 2011 - Loving It!

    One of my buddies has a RIA 2011 in 9mm and uses it for 3 gun. Had some issues getting it to run at first, I think he might have sent it off to get worked on by someone. But now it runs great and looks super soft/flat recoiling. I haven't got it in my hands yet tho.