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  1. The Antichrome

    For Sale: DILLON 550 used

    For sale: Dillon 550 reloading press. I bought this used back in 2007, so it's broken in by now. Included in Dillon box: Press with standard handle. Primer system with Unique Tek bearing track plate and original plate. Low primer warning device with fresh battery Small and Large primer tubes...
  2. The Antichrome


    For Sale: Set of 4 Dawson Precision SNL Tool Less basepads for 2011 mags. Used, but in absolutely usable good condition. They're Red. They sell new for $32.50 each plus shipping. Buy my set of 4 for $90 shipped ($80 if you pick them up at the Old Fort Shootout this Sunday) They look just like...
  3. The Antichrome


    Anybody try one of these yet?
  4. The Antichrome

    WTB: Magwell (2011)

    I need a magwell to fit an STI 2011 grip. Pref. Dawson Ice or STI. Its for a spare gun, so It doesn't need to be like new. WYG? Thanks!...Robert
  5. The Antichrome

    FS: Heavy Ice Magwell for 2011

    For Sale: Heavy Ice Magwell from Dawson. Like newish. Used 6 or 7 matches. Buy a new one for $159.95 plus shipping from Dawson. Or, Buy mine for $135 shipped. Looks like this:
  6. The Antichrome

    SVI Grip Safety FS

    For Sale: SVI Infinity Competition Grip Safety. Fits 2011 platform. Stainless Steel. Thumb Relief profile. Non-Pivoting. Smooth bump. Unused. This cost $90.00 + $11.00 shipping new at Buy mine for $80 shipped. Thanks for...
  7. The Antichrome

    Da new Blasta

    I broke down and got a new gat in chrome. Yeah me, with a chrome blaster. Go figure. 1st bespoke gun I've ever commissioned. Rob and Jerry (Momentum Gun Works) built this for me. I couldnt be happier.
  8. The Antichrome

    STI 2011 Mags .40 126mm

    For Sale: Set of 4 - 126mm .40 mags for STI 2011 platform. These hold 14 rounds and fit flush with standard 2011 grips. Lightly used. $130 shipped. Would trade for a Nitro Fin. (will not ship to restricted states, if its not legal for you buy/own/use 14 round mags in your state, then don't...
  9. The Antichrome


    A note from da'man; Last Saturday, the Arkansas Section Executive Committee met to discuss plans for the 2016 Championship format. Unfortunately, due to lower participation numbers and match costs, the 2016 MULTI-GUN Championship is cancelled until further notice. However, the Old Fort Gun...
  10. The Antichrome

    AIWB for Shield CTC

    I need recommendations for an AIWB holster to fit the Shield with a CT laser...
  11. The Antichrome

    FS: CZ75 Mag Pouches Bullet Nose Out

    For Sale: Set of 5 'Nose Out' style kydex mag pouches. These were custom made by RLN Custom Gear (great guy to do Bidness with BTW) They hold CZ75/SP01/Shadow/etc mags with the bullet nose out. I used these for 1 season. They cost approx. $20 iirc. Buy my used set for $70 shipped.
  12. The Antichrome

    FS: CZ75 grip panels Thin Alum Aggro

    For Sale; Thin Aluminum Aggressive checkered grips from CZ Custom. These are well used. Checkering is still very sharp, and they have lots of life left in them. $50 shipped. PM me if you're interested.
  13. The Antichrome

    Giant Trance 1 Mtn bike

    For sale. Giant Trance 1 Mountain Bike. Size small. Wipe the cobwebs off and its like new. Tires still have the molding nubs. New $1800+. Buy mine for $1200...make offer, will trade for a Shadow or 1979 VW Scirocco;-)
  14. The Antichrome

    FS: Dawson 2011 Posi-Lock EXTENDED Mag Release

    FS: USED (barely) Posi-Lock mag release to fit 2011 pistolas. This is the extended version. (.265") Too long for IDPA, BTW. It is not drilled or tapped. These sell new for $39.95 plus shipping Buy my used one for $25 shipped. Dawson part # 013-003
  15. The Antichrome

    FS: STI APEIRO Limited Gun

    For sale: STI Apeiro Limited gun. 5" .40S&W Schueman sight tracker type Bull barrel. Heavily stippled and undercut grip. Dawson Ice magwell, Dawson mag release with big cyclone mag release button. Adj rear sights and F/O front. Grip safety is disabled. Thumb safety and ambi safety are nicely...
  16. The Antichrome


    Yes, I know, Its Easter Weekend. April 3-5th at OFGC in Ft Smith AR. Instructors are Athena Lee, Matt Hopkins, Lance Jenson, Billy Smith, and more. Parents, plz fill out the attached entry form. Camp is limited to a maximum of 25 junior shooters and its coming up fast, so hurry! Any...
  17. The Antichrome

    FS: BLACKHAWK! Tactical Operators Vest

    I ended up with this tacticool operatorz vest in a trade. It appears to be unused. They apparently dont make this same model anymore, but its similar to this one:â„¢-Tac-Shotgun-Rifle-Vest.aspx Its black mesh and...
  18. The Antichrome

    FS: VERTX Pants and Shorts 36" waist

    Way too big for me anymore. Size 36" waist 30" length Lightly used, Vertx pants (original weight) 1 pair of Black 1 pair of Khaki Lightly used Vertx shorts (original weight) Khaki 36" waist Bonus: I'll include 2 pair of well worn khaki Vertx shorts. These already have the small tears at the...
  19. The Antichrome

    WST loads for .40?

    Local reloading shop had a bunch of powders that I've never tried. I bought all their WST. Who has a load for .40 Major loaded to 1.180" with 180gr plated or coated? Is it dirty or smoky? Anybody use it with lead? Thanks!
  20. The Antichrome

    USPSA Classifier Match at OFGC

    Just forwarding the note from Bruce: Sunday, September 21. Double Classifier Match. Shoot this match twice on the same day, if you want. First round has an EARLY START! Shooters Meeting at 0930, start shooting then. Round count for each separate match on the same day will be about 110 to...