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  1. Jackary

    What Type of Scope Is On Your .22 Rifle?

    I have a vortex crossfire II 4-12x40 on my Ruger American rim fire. I need to go put some rounds through that rifle since 22 is something a have a lot of.
  2. Jackary

    Upgrade my scope

    I’m not sure about that model of strike Eagle but I have the 1-6 strike Eagle and wasn’t impressed with the adjustments. The turrets didn’t have a positive click when making adjustments and it just felt a little sloppy. The glass in mine is clear like my other vortex optics and it has good...
  3. Jackary

    Steel challenge pistol upgrades

    This thing is a thumb saver and would definitely help loading mags between stages. Might be cheaper options out there but I picked one of these up awhile back and it is definitely nice when I take my 22/45 out to plink.
  4. Jackary

    New Build

    Thank you we had a little girl. I have a a Ruger american rimfire that she will get to learn on when she gets older.
  5. Jackary

    New Build

    It is a 14.5 inch BCM Barrel in 5.56 with a pin and weld AAC flash hider suppressor mount. I have gotten it out to sight it in and it did pretty good. I need to find some time to get some more rounds through it, but my wife and I had a baby in December so I haven't had much time for shooting...
  6. Jackary

    Let's See Your .22 Rimfire Rifles

    I haven’t tried the CCI quiets yet, but the trigger is amazing on it. I need to get back out to the range to shoot it some more.
  7. Jackary

    Belt recommendation

    I have an Ares Gear belt and an RDR gear inner outer belt. Both are well made and I have been impressed with them far.
  8. Jackary

    Let's See Your .22 Rimfire Rifles

    Ruger American rim fire target model topped with a vortex scope.
  9. Jackary

    Where the hell is everybody?

    I have a 22/45 lite and I’m pretty sure it has a one piece bolt
  10. Jackary

    Where the hell is everybody?

    I haven't had any issues with my 22/45, it eats just about anything I feed it. Any issues I have had have been due to it needing cleaning. Nice to know you are here as a resource if that changes.
  11. Jackary

    Never Pass Up A Box That Says........

    Nice find!
  12. Jackary

    How many rounds did you shoot in 2021

    I was pretty impressed. I was shooting standard 45 acp and it dropped it down to hearing safe. I did have a couple of jams, so I will have to rule out magazine issues. The barrel may need some more fitting work on the feed ramp.
  13. Jackary

    How many rounds did you shoot in 2021

    I shot 24 rounds of 45 through my 1911 to try out my new suppressor this weekend.
  14. Jackary

    Hello BoomerShooter!

  15. Jackary

    How many rounds did you shoot in 2021

    I have fired zero rounds so far, new baby at home has taken priority. I do need to get out and have some fun with my new 45 suppressor. Maybe next weekend I will find some time.
  16. Jackary

    Reloading Supplies

    Excellent transaction today thanks again for meeting me.
  17. Jackary

    Reloading Supplies

    Is this still available?
  18. Jackary

    Best scope choice?

    I have a 1-6 strike Eagle on one of my ARs, the glass is nice and I feel like it isn't much slower than a red dot on the 1x setting. My only complaint on it is the turrets don’t have a very positive click when making adjustments to sight in. if I had it to do over I probably would have gotten...
  19. Jackary

    Nikon M223 3-12x42 and M223 mount

    $300 or open to trades.
  20. Jackary

    New Build

    I haven't gotten to shoot it yet but hopefully I’ll be able to go sight it in this weekend. I had to work this past weekend so I only had time to get the upper assembled.