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  1. Airic

    Defcon Winter Dry Fire Training Series

    CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT: Over the winter off-season months I will be conducting classes at Defcon Firearms and Training in Moore, OK. These class sessions will focus on your off-season dry fire training. We will work together on your current skills and develop a training plan for you to follow in...
  2. Airic

    Veterans Charity Match

    Im putting this here in local matches because its going to be a really laid back match like a club match. Stages are not over complicated, its just gonna be fun. Veterans Appreciation Practical Pistol Match Veterans Appreciation open Match starts: September 10, 2017 @ 8:00 AM · Match ends...
  3. Airic

    ITPSC Classifier Match RESULTS
  4. Airic

    ITPSC Annual Classifier Match

    This Saturday, Jan. 21st will be our annual USPSA Classifier Match. Six classifier stages will be set so come out and get that initial classification in Carry Optics or PCC. Start time 10am. Match fee is $30 and $5 per re-shoot. The classifiers will be: 99-11 El Pres 06-04 Fluffys Revenge 1...
  5. Airic

    ITPSC March USPSA Results
  6. Airic

    USPSA @ ITPSC 3-19-16

    Little late posting this but our monthly USPSA is tommorow at 10am. Plan in 5 stages and 125 rounds minimum. $15 for non range members. Showing up early to help setup is always appreciated.
  7. Airic

    ITPSC Feb. USPSA Results
  8. Airic

    USPSA @ ITPSC 02-20-16

    USPSA match TOMORROW 2-20-16! It will be our first match of the year. Weather looks like its going to be great. 5-6 stages and between 120-150 rounds minimum. Start time is 10am. Non-members shoot for $15 match fee. Showing up a little early to help finish set up is always appreciated!
  9. Airic

    Multiple guns...

    I need to build up a stripped lower I have been sitting on for over a year. I've been without an AR for a while and with the current situation of things in the world, its past time to get one running again. So I'm going to get rid of some guns that I dont really use: $250--Savage Edge .308 -...
  10. Airic

    ITPSC Oct. results
  11. Airic

    USPSA @ ITPSC 10-17-15

    Start time 10am. Weather looks like its gonna be perfect. 5-6 stages, 125 rounds minimum. Come get some shooting in before the sectional!
  12. Airic

    ITPSC USPSA Sept Results Feegee comes down and beats us all!
  13. Airic

    USPSA @ ITPSC 09-19-15

    It's time again for our monthly USPSA match down here at ITPSC. Saturday 09-18, start time is 10am. 5 stages, 125rounds minimum. Classifier is going to be 06-10 Steely Speed VII. Coming up early to help with setup Saturday morning is always appreciated.
  14. Airic

    ITPSC August Results
  15. Airic

    USPSA @ ITPSC 08-15-15

    We will have our monthly USPSA match this Saturday at ITPSC. Probably be 5 stages and about 125rnds minimum. Classifier will be 13-05 Tick Tock. Start time is 10am but showing up early to help with setup is appreciated.
  16. Airic

    July ITPSC USPSA Results
  17. Airic

    USPSA @ ITPSC 07-18-2015

    Its that time again. Our Monthly USPSA match is this Saturday, July 18th. Start time is 10am. Looks like its going to be a 100 degree sunny day so plan for the heat. Plan on 5 stages around 125 rounds minimum.
  18. Airic

    USPSA @ ITPSC 06/20 Results

    Great match today. Thanks everyone for showing up and helping out. We had 15 shooters and it was HOT. I wanna thank Mike Pinto for showing up and basically working the match like it was his home range. He grabbed the timer from me on the first stage and never looked back...
  19. Airic

    USPSA @ ITPSC 06/20/15

    Going out in the morning to do some initial set up but its looking really promising for our match Saturday. I will make the call on stages and round count after the range trip. Pretty sure we are finally going to have a club match!
  20. Airic

    USPSA @ ITPSC 05-16-15

    Its super soggy down here but we are hoping to still have the match. We are still supposed to get more rain tomorrow. I'll be going out to the range tomorrow afternoon to make a call on the range conditions. If we can have a match without standing in water or 6 inches of mud....its gonna happen...