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  1. jspeligene

    .41 cal 215 grain bullets

    Bag of 200 pcs, $25. OKC area. Text 405 370-6334
  2. jspeligene

    Burris FastFire 3

    Update. Called Burris, they emailed me a prepaid shipping label immediately. I sent off the broken one on a Saturday and had a brand new replacement in hand in about 10 days. Happy with the response.
  3. jspeligene

    15 Round Mag for Glock 43/48

    Ordered one today. See how well it works
  4. jspeligene

    Burris FastFire 3

    Anybody ever have one of these where the glass breaks out? I sighted it in on a Ruger 22 pistol. Then stuck it back in a padded case... don’t remember dropping or banging it around but next time I took it out of the safe it was broken. Are these type of sights typically wry fragile?
  5. jspeligene

    Protesters blocking the roads

    For those familiar, what are the rights or obligations of ordinary citizens who may become trapped by a mob of people such as just happed in Tulsa? Do you have no/any right to extricate yourself or are you expected to sit there and be detained until they get tired and go home?
  6. jspeligene

    Century Canik

    $450 is best I’ve seen. Best I found just now is $500. Must be selling, 2 of 3 places are out of stock
  7. jspeligene

    Century Canik

    Anybody have firsthand knowledge of these? Pretty inexpensive for an optics ready handgun with all those features
  8. jspeligene

    Good price on 9mm

    Saw 124gr FMJ Browning at Academy, 150 round box for $27 last weekend
  9. jspeligene

    Skeet Training

    Thanks Jeff. Our group is signed up now
  10. jspeligene

    Skeet Training

    Started shooting skeet and really enjoyed it. Was fairly consistent through the summer/fall skeet league and then the wheels came off the wagon. The harder I tried to ‘fix’ it, the worse it got. One of my shooting buds sent me a clip of a Todd Bender video. I was so impressed, I bought the...
  11. jspeligene

    The New Glock 44

    Good review, thanks for posting. Glad to hear it’s not picky on ammo. I’ve got a sig mosquito that I really like but it would only work with CCI mini mag and stingers until I got several hundred rounds thru it
  12. jspeligene

    Benelli M4

    Not a Benelli but I have a Stoeger M3000 that is my favorite. Think it’s similar cheaper version
  13. jspeligene

    OKC Tactical

    Where are they located and what kind of classes?
  14. jspeligene

    Badlands Tactical Emergancy Casualty Care

    Thank you. I will check them out
  15. jspeligene

    Badlands Tactical Emergancy Casualty Care

    This was an interesting review. Anyone know of any other courses scheduled like this in Oklahoma? Would be interested in learning about this not only from firearm perspective but also how to deal with traumatic injuries that may be encountered in farming, traffic or recreational activity
  16. jspeligene

    Xdm sight removal

    Thanks Dennis. I can come up with the harder aluminum. Is a block of polyethylene satisfactory to back up the slide? I just didn’t want to mar the finish on a brand new gun
  17. jspeligene

    Xdm sight removal

    Anybody got a tool for removing these ugly ass sights without damaging the finish on the gun? It’s getting a red dot
  18. jspeligene

    Deer season is upon us.

    Not a trail cam but here is my oldest Grandson with his first deer. He was a happy camper.