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  1. wav3rhythm

    Selling my backup gun (EAA Stock II)

    Hey folks, I’m selling my backup gun. If you were wondering - yes this is the gun that was in the trunk of my car during the last two sectionals where I won the OK state title in production! It’s kinda like a player getting a super bowl ring even if they didn’t play, but the team won...
  2. wav3rhythm

    Spring Cleaning (including Federal SPP)

    Cleaning out my garage again during the move and I have some stuff to downsize... 1) Federal Match Small Primers - Sold 2) 4lbs VV N320 - Sold 3) 4lbs AutoComp - $95 4) 135gr coated bullets - $120 per 2000 (I think I have 8k in the garage. I also have a 3/4 full box for $60) 5) Safariland...
  3. wav3rhythm


    Any idea why bs won't work with Tapatalk on my iPhone anymore? Anyone else having this problem?
  4. wav3rhythm

    1000 followers on TapaTalk

    So apparently BS just broke 1000 followers. I feel like Burk should send the 1000th dude a gift or something. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. wav3rhythm

    WTB Montana Gold 124GR Jacketed Hollow Points

    I would like to buy a hundred or so of the 124gr Montana Gold JHP bullets. I keep hearing about the great accuracy and I'm just curious. Please let me know what you've got... Thanks
  6. wav3rhythm

    FS: 9MM AR, 2011 Mags, 1911 & More

    Well, it's getting close to moving time and I can't bring everything with me. It's really been a pleasure shooting with some most of you and I hope to be back this way in a few years. Oklahoma will always be my shooting home since you got me started in USPSA and because Chad is such a physically...
  7. wav3rhythm

    Cheely 5.4" Sight Tracker Limited Gun

    I'm selling my 5.4" Cheely build. I received this gun last fall and only have ~1000 rounds through it. Selling it to focus entirely on production for the upcoming year and to pay for training ammo. Gun is hard chromed with and SVI 5.4" Island Barrel. The fit and finish is outstanding and the...
  8. wav3rhythm

    Dillon 650 For Sale $800

    Looking to sell my Dillon 650 that I purchased just over a year ago. It includes the following: Dillon 650 set up for 9mm 40 conversion w/ quick change kit Extra Tool Head & Stand Strong Mount Roller Handle Aluminum Bullet Tray Spare Parts Kit Case Feeder Still have the original box and the...
  9. wav3rhythm

    FS: Colt Commander & Uberti Smokewagon Deluxe

    Trying to sell the following guns: Colt 1911 Commander .45ACP (model 04691). Purchased a few years ago to CCW and added slim grips. Ended up sticking with my Glock 19 and hardly shoot it. Has seen less than 100 rounds through it. $650. Uberti SmokeWagon Deluxe 5.5" .45LC. Have probably 50...
  10. wav3rhythm

    Garage Sale - Reloading Equipment, Backpacks...

    Found out this past week that I will be moving to Detroit area for work and will probably be traveling a fair bit. It's also looking like I'm going to be living in small apartments for the next few years. With that said, I'm going to downsize my reloading gear to avoid putting things in storage...
  11. wav3rhythm

    For Sale - Weights, Bench, TRX Straps, Weight Vest

    Selling the following items: 1. Weight Bench (Golds Gym Bench - Adjustable for Incline) - SPF Jeff Speligene 2. 2x 5lb Olympic Weights - SPF Jeff Speligene 3. 2x 50lb Dumbbells - $60 4. 1x 40lb Dumbbell - SPF Jeff Speligene 5. 1x 35lb Dumbbell - $15 6. 2x 30lb Dumbbells - SPF Jeff Speligene 7...
  12. wav3rhythm

    Trying to find .223 Bullets

    Anyone know where I can find some coated .223 bullets? I'm looking for 55gn, but anything close should work. I'd prefer to avoid the expense of the jacketed bullets if possible. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. wav3rhythm

    Anyone using Ramshot Competition?

    Just picked up a little Ramshot Competition and was wondering if anyone has load data for 9mm or .40. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. wav3rhythm

    WTS: Gen4 Glock 34

    Want to sell my Glock 34 with lots of extras. Here's what you get: 1) Gen4 Glock 34 2) Zev Production Trigger with Extended Striker 3) Dawson Adjustable Sights (front & rear) 4) Jaeger Stainless & polymer Guide rods 5) Bladetech Holster 6) 6x full capacity mags, 2x 10 rounders with DP basepads...
  15. wav3rhythm

    FS: STI Ranger II - 9MM

    Selling a like new STI Ranger II in 9mm with 2x mags. Probably only 250 rounds through it. $900 takes it
  16. wav3rhythm

    Ruger MKIII Magazine Issue / Resolution

    Just wanted to give you all a heads up about a problem I had with a Ruger MKIII 22/45 that I have been using for Steel Challenge. After a few months, the magazine started to drag pretty badly if I loaded more than 5 or 6 rounds. I figured that they just needed a good cleaning so I broke them...
  17. wav3rhythm

    WTS - H&K P7PSP, Dan Wesson Heritage, Marlin 7000T

    Spring Cleaning! I'm cleaning out the safe a bit and looking to part with the following guns: HK P7PSP w/ 2 Mags, Box, Cleaning and Takedown Tool + Kirkpatrick Leather Holster. $950.00 Dan Wesson Heritage w/ 2 Mags, Box, all the goodies it shipped with. Traded for it and only have ~50 rounds...
  18. wav3rhythm

    New Years Resolutions

    So does anyone have any good ones? Mine are: 1) Stop buying 45 GAP brass to spread on the range after matches. 2) Start smoking to look cool like Mr Boomer Shooter. Might even get the camera hat to get POV footage of myself smoking (is that what it's for?). 3) Get a real life boomer...
  19. wav3rhythm

    Hornady Lock 'N Load Press

    Selling my Hornady Lock N Load Press to upgrade to a blue machine. Includes the press, powder measure, roller handle, 3 bins, 4 quick release twist die holder thingies, light, and shell plates for 9mm and 45 acp. Everything works great minus the primer system that I couldn't figure out...
  20. wav3rhythm

    New guy from Lawton area...

    Hello... I recently moved here from central Louisiana and am looking to read and learn about the local shooting scene. Had this site recommended this past weekend at the USPSA match in Duncan (my first USPSA match and I had a blast). I've already learned a lot from the site. Thanks for all the...