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    2 PMAGs for AK ~$20

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    Accurate Iron vs. Benny Hill (TSS) vs. Taran Tactical M2

    It is a shotgun not a sniper rifle. TTI does change springs. I have a AI M2 with some TTI and RCI parts and it is an awesome piece of equipment. Has never had an issue in 2+ years. You cannot go wrong with AI, TTI or Benny Hill working on your shotguns.
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    Nordic PCC 9mm vs JP GMR-15

    Has anyone run both the Nordic and JP 9mm rifles to be able to comment on the pro's and con's of each and why they chose what they chose? Local gun shop has both. 16" nordic with Milspec trigger and 14.5 pinned and welded JP GMR 15. The nordic would need an AR gold trigger which puts it at...
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    Sparc II v Sparc AR

    Just drove 3 hours round trip to buy a sparc ar and got it home and found it has a big splooge of shit internally from 4 to 5:00. Looks like excess sealant. I can't believe this is normal. Not sure how something this big could make it through qc.
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    The Force of Optics | Vortex

    I just picked up a 1-8, Awesome scope in a great price range _$450_ The strike eagles will go on my .22. The 1-8 may replace a razor
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    glock 43 experiences

    What does it do that a 26 doesn't? Is it really that much smaller?
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    20-35% percent off Goodyear or Goodyear owned tires

    I need a new set for the truck. Is one of the 35% still available?
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    Selling guns to pawn shops or cabelas

    they will hit you pretty hard. If I recall it was 60% of value. I had one I went to Cabelas and to Gander and Gander gave me $150 more. It pays to shop it around.
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    Benelli M2 Signed by Phil and Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty

    my guess is this will do much better over at where the signatures will likely add much more value than here.
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    Want to move to OK

    North Tulsa up by the airport is beautiful.
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    Looking to buy a razor hd

    Southern Guns in FL is the place to buy. Gives a boomer discount.
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    Taran tactical m2 or other suggustions

    try snuggling up to the gun tighter. Tighter into the shoulder and a solid cheek rest. It really is a easy shooting gun.
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    AR 15 barrel shimming

    I am trying to tighten up groups that tend to vertically spread as the barrel heats. I attribute this to tolerance stacking on the barrel extension to receiver fit. I have stainless shim stock to use to shim. My question is do you wrap around to the timing pin and leave a full length space...
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    3 Gun Hard Case Advice

    I just bought one from Brack at Patriot Cases. Could not be better to deal with. Had it in two days. Significantly better than the pluck and pull foam in regular cases. As for a cart, I highly recommend. Carrying all your stuff isn't great but a must if flying to a venue. $30.00 baby...
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    Best gun bag for the top of Patriot Case

    If Adam isn't interested, I would be.
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    Side-By-Side Ranch

    I am throwing my hat into the ring for next open board member seat.
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    Sighting in my rifle

    Yes. It has both bullet and load data. It has a very good cartridge catalog to select from and you can true it based on your velocity
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    Sighting in my rifle

    Using Strelok Pro ( Highly recommended) Black Hills 77 grain SMK should 6.17 high at 100 yards with a 25 yard zero. It equates to approximately a 356 yard
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    selling my honda civic, local only

    still trying to get that funky smell out of the back seat?
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    Benelli M2 21" for a Lefty

    Left handed benelli has the left side ejection and the bolt release on rt side. The people I know running it do not like it. If you run rt hand gun and do so well, stay with it.