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    Nordic PCC 9mm vs JP GMR-15

    Has anyone run both the Nordic and JP 9mm rifles to be able to comment on the pro's and con's of each and why they chose what they chose? Local gun shop has both. 16" nordic with Milspec trigger and 14.5 pinned and welded JP GMR 15. The nordic would need an AR gold trigger which puts it at...
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    AR 15 barrel shimming

    I am trying to tighten up groups that tend to vertically spread as the barrel heats. I attribute this to tolerance stacking on the barrel extension to receiver fit. I have stainless shim stock to use to shim. My question is do you wrap around to the timing pin and leave a full length space...
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    Patriot Cases Coupon Code

    Does anyone have a Patriot Cases coupon code? Getting ready to drop some case on a case. Thanks,
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    MN Suppressor Bill Gov threatens veto

    For those MN Boomershooter members The MN House and Senate have passed bills allowing the possession of suppressors. Gov Mark Dayton is threatening to veto it. Please contact Gov. Mark Dayton and urge him to reconsider his threatened veto of this bill. A reasoned, sound argument from gun...
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    Vortex Razor 1-6x Reticle

    Anyone shooting the 1-6 in the Mil reticle? It seems to me that unless you are shooting exactly Jerry's loading that it is a refined poor mans Horus anyway. If so, wouldn't the MIL with the wind holdoffs be a slight improvement over the JM reticle? Thoughts?
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    Geissele Reaction Rod

    Anyone know where I can get one of these? It seems it is out of stock everywhere now that I have all the parts to finish my upper.
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    Ares Armor Effin A comp

    Anyone have any experience with this comp? I like the size / weight and the potential tunability looks interesting.
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    SLR solo ultralight hand guard?

    anyone have any experience with the SLR solo ultralight hand guard? Pros? Cons?
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    Video of Jerry Miculek's new Heavy Optics rifle

    Jerry looks like he is always having fun.
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    Nordic Shotgun Championship stage booklet

    Would someone grab me a match booklet from the Nordica Match in MN and drop it in the mail for me? Thanks,
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    Who just quit job and went full time for glock grip mods?

    Recently someone posted that they had quit their day job and went full time doing grip mods etc. Glock work looked good and wanted to try them out but I cannot find the original post to find name / website. Anyone know who this was? And yes I tried searching - a long time. Apparently I...
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    What I hate - Walmart Oil Change

    So Wednesday I take the girlfriend's car in for oil change and rotate and balance to local walmart. No one rides in passenger side until tonight and door is hard to open...Well the moron who put it on the rack lifted it without clearance for the body molding on a chev Impala and beat the hell...
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    New reticle in Vortex 1-6 coming in Jan

    Today, I was told by Vortex that they have a new reticle coming in Jan. He wasn't able to elaborate on exactly what it will be, but I was inquiring about getting a custom reticle with windage hash marks in mil / mil. I was told to wait until Jan and I should be "very happy" If you are in the...
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    RCI Tube or Nordic Extension?

    As I sit here with my surgically repaired shoulder waiting for the 4 months and one week to get here of recoup time, I have been going back and forth whether to put an RCI 10 round tube or a nordic extension on my new 24" benelli M2. My mind had been made up with the 10 round RCI until the new...
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    Clay target holder plans

    Does anyone have design specs for clay target holders? Thinking rebar with a short cross piece but since I am not the welder, I don't have the luxury of that much trial and error. Thanks,
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    Checking in from central MN

    Been lurking a while. Great site. Shoot a lot, just never competed in more than trap. Looking to expand that. Working to pull the equipment together to try the Nordic Shotgun shoot as they are about 30 minutes away. If anyone traveling up for it this year needs help with the area etc...