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    Mossberg 590a1 with extras $495

    Mossberg 590a1 8 + 1 with recoil stock, side saddle shell carrier, ghost ring sights. Great shape.
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    G shock are hard to beat and Sams club sells them.
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    Katadyn Pocket Microfilter Water Filter

    To make it simple I got hold of a couple "straws" from the "" folks in Edmond. I made a donation (which is a cool thing to do) and they let me buy straws for the family. They are good for about a year of daily use. Oh yea, about $10 bucks each!
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    Medical Supplies

    I'm on massive blood thinners where if you look at me real hard I bleed! The hospital once used a rubber wrap somewhat like an ace bandage on steroids to stop an injury from bleeding out. That stuff was awesome but I can't find it anywhere.
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    as seen on THE WALKING DEAD

    + 1 on the Ka-Bar Cutlass
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    Carbon fiber knives

    If you're creating the blade out of CF that's as mentioned before a simple shank. If you are using CF as a handle then you might have something awesome.
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    Need a new man bag

    I have a lot of expensive Maxpedition gear, but I love my cheap Academy Drago best.
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    .22LR ammo

    My ruger mkII runs EVERYTHING with no problems. Accuracy is another issue...
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    Winchester Recalls .22 Long Rifle Ammo

    I'd be pissed if I had ever been able to find any of it to buy!
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    Mod1 Glock 17

    Perfect base mods. I'm going to duplicate this exactly with mine!
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    Now that's just sexy

    My clamp on light brackets have outlasted several lights. Way stronger than they look but you need a light that can handle the recoil.