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  1. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    Lansing, Michigan

    I haven't been on here in a while--life has been crazy busy, so I thought I would say hey to everyone. I got to meet Boomershooter Eric Putnam and shoot with him twice recently! And I have to get on here to say Hi to Burk because he is boring and ditched facebook. While I am here--who here is...
  2. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    Jesse on The Shooter's Mindset tonight!

    Tonight on the Shooter' Mindset we are interviewing none other than your very own Jesse Tischauser and a rep from Optics Planet. It is on youtube at 9pm est (so 8pm for many of you). There is going to be a nice giveaway so watch the show and enter to win! I will post the show link here once I...
  3. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    JP Enterprises

    Join us live on The Shooter's Mindset at 9pm EST when we talk with the president of JP Enterprises and ask him questions. I love their stuff and run their bcg and silent capture buffer spring in my rifle. As always there will be an awesome giveaway!
  4. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    The Shooter's Mindset Giveaway

    Not sure if anyone watches The Shooter's Mindset on YouTube on Wednesday nights at 9pm EST, but the giveaway can be entered until midnight for a Carbon Arms carbon fiber handguard, a hexmag, and a dewey rod. The promo link is
  5. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    Thank you to all BS'ers

    I just wanted to stop in and say thanks to all the boomershooters for all of the advice over the last year!! It was 1 year ago that I had never shot a shotgun or rifle and knew NOTHING about them. You guys endured all of my questions and taught me A TON!!! I had no clue where to start and you...
  6. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    Beware! Don't practice Quads in sock feet!

    Not only did I manage to get my thumb bitten by the lifter (and yes, it is welded), I also managed to drop the snap cap on my toe. Wearing only socks. Took talent. And it still hurts!!! Lol
  7. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    Brownells Lady 3 Gun Pro Am

    This past weekend was the first ever all female 3 gun match. It was huge. 180 women competed and lots of people were there. It was my first ever major match, first ever 2 day match, first match with real RO's on each stage, not "who's running the timer now?" Lol. Here is my impression. I have...
  8. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    Thank God I'm DONE!

    I am finished with my Bachelor's degree!!!!! FINALLY!! Just turned in my 38 page 8770 word final paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I will have time to dry fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :music: :music: :gaming: :gaming: :dancing: :dancing: :character0029: :character0029: :72: :72:
  9. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    Bad day at work? OK, so maybe my day at work wasn't so bad. At least my workplace didn't go up in flames in a matter of minutes! This was a friend of mine, on the way to my hospital with a patient on...
  10. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    Mental game

    So I shot my second 3 gun match yesterday, Atlanta 3 Gun. It was my first match away from my local club that only has about 20 shooters. I had so much fun and learned a ton. My question to you all is how do you beat the mental game? I had one stage that I just totally bombed--timed out, FTE...
  11. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    WTB Vortex Viper PST 1-4x

    Looking to buy the Vortex Viper PST 1-4x scope for my AR-15. Surely someone has upgraded to a 1-6x and wants to sell me their Viper! :-)
  12. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    First 3 gun match

    Ok, so that was awesome! I'm officially addicted. I struggled big time on shotgun (I guess I shouldn't be too unhappy since I had only shot a shotgun twice before the match). But by the third stage I slowed down and sort of figured it out and did better. I learned I need to buy some larger...
  13. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    Advice for first match

    So Saturday I'm shooting my first 3 gun match. Any last words of wisdom? Anything to keep in mind, any mind sets I should keep, anything a newbie may not know that I need to know? I'm ready to go with mossberg JM pro 930, Springfield xdm 9mm, and my AR. I have shell carriers, mag pouches...
  14. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    Ouch! %^&$%$&*%&*%$%$*%(*^(**

    Damn shotgun. A welded lifter is now on the top of my wishlist. My thumb might stop throbbing before my first 3 gun match next week. So can any gunsmith modify the lifter how I need? Or is there a part I need to order? I would prefer to not send the shotgun off so I would prefer something local...
  15. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    3 Gun class with the Miculek's

    Yesterday I took an intro to 3 gun class from Jerry, Kay, and Lena Miculek. It poured down rain so we didn't get to shoot as much as we all would have liked, but I still came away with many new tips and things to work on. Nothing like having a professional examine and tweek your grip and stance...
  16. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    For sale bushmaster AR barrel, handguard, A2 sight, gas system, and carry handle

    14.5" chrome lined barrel with Izzy flash hider, 1:9 twist, 5.56, carbine gas system. Carry handle with rear sight. Pistol grip. $275 plus shipping.
  17. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    What I learned today.....

    The local range does not allow shotguns, or rapid fire, drawing from a holster, or moving and shooting. Today a friend and I found a National Forest shooting range. It is free, and was completely empty allowing us to do all of the above freely. Other than having to bring our own target stands...
  18. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    Jennifer Seymour | 2014 Contengency Tracker Thread

    Let's get it started!
  19. Jennifer Herd Seymour


    I hate ice. I cannot believe the destruction it has done to my community. Tree companies are saying it may be weeks before they can remove trees due to the volume of calls from trees that fell on cars and houses. Almost the entire community was without power for 24 hours, some still have no...
  20. Jennifer Herd Seymour

    Representing at the Brownells Lady 3 Gun Pro/Am

    I might have lost my mind but I registered for the Brownells Lady 3 Gun Pro/Am!