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  1. J

    Good semi for around $800

    I recommend Knight’s SR-25
  2. J

    What semi-auto should I get?

    H&K VP9 is comfortable to use
  3. J

    who has an M&P .22 pistol?

    I have experience in that gun it was lightweight and the trigger feels weird
  4. J

    Let's Talk Glock Triggers

    Just install a lighter disconnector
  5. J

    DMR scope recommendations.

    I reccomennd Nightforce Optics 4-14×56 SHV Riflescope
  6. J

    My New AR - Sights?

    I look it up on youtube seen some using Red dot
  7. J

    Has anybody ever tried this 5.56 Penetrator ammo???

    Seen some on youtube, it seems good
  8. J

    long range rifle

    Ruger M77 Mark 2 is the best for hunting
  9. J

    Which Pistol Bullets ?

    Bayou Bullets works well
  10. J

    22 Pistol Recommendations

    Glock G17 is affordable works great
  11. J

    9mm Barrel in a M&P 40

    I see someone tried that. It works great
  12. J

    Lost magazines at the range! :(

    Try RAE magloader it's affordable and high quality
  13. J

    Best 1911 grips?

    Vz grips is sturdy grips
  14. J

    Beretta 87 or 89 target 22 lr pistol

    My favorite is Beretta 87!!
  15. J

    What brand ammo do you shoot in competition?

    I use Glock gun
  16. J

    Tula 9mm ammo. Worth the cheap price?

    Its works fine but not my fave
  17. J

    What Shotgun Ammo?

    Light modified choke is a nice choice, i use it too
  18. J

    Best .45 ACP bullets/ammo for self defense?

    Glock gun is good fore self defense
  19. J

    Good .40 ammo

    1k is good choice