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  1. drmitchgibson

    Tanfo S2, Witness P, Ruger 22/45, accessories

    Tanfoglio Stock 2 set up for USPSA: trigger job, Henning firing pin and hammer spring, extended FP safety plunger, Dawson front sight, single side safety, LOK G10 grips, Bladetech holster, Ghost mag pouches, RHT 3-Gun holster, all original parts and box. Four new mags, 2 practice mags, 1 mag...
  2. drmitchgibson

    2018 USPSA 9-days of Nationals
  3. drmitchgibson

    What red dot for Ruger .22 ?

    I need a red dot for a Ruger 22/45. It came with a scope rail to mount on top, but it's one of those narrow rimfire rails. Need to know about mounting as well.
  4. drmitchgibson

    Robar M1 Garand litness
  5. drmitchgibson

    RO Class March 2017, NW Arkansas

    Greetings all, Jerry Watts of the Benton Gun Club is hosting a Level 1 Range Officer Seminar March 18-19. He has a few slots left if you would like to attend. He will be glad to provide any additional details. Please respond with any questions to Jerry at his email address...
  6. drmitchgibson

    Bullet diameter, power factor, and pressure

    I got some 125gr .38 cal projectiles in a couple sample packs from a goody bag at the High Desert classic. Montana Gold. I grabbed them because the other MG 9mmish projectiles were in retarded weights like 121gr. .38 cal is .357. So I gave it a shot loading them as if they were 9mm. Loaded...
  7. drmitchgibson

    What major USPSA matches are you planning on for 2017?

    I have poked around with the Florida Open, Area 1, and Area 2. High Desert Classic is always good, as is the Arkansas Sectional. Nationals looks like it will interesting: Red dot guns have their own with Open, Carry Optics, and PCC, in March. And there will be something called Iron Sight...
  8. drmitchgibson

    1911 in .40S&W

    STI Trojan hard-chromed CRP from Dawson, or Sig Max 1911? I have a blued Trojan already. Looking for a primary gun. Sig Max has more bells/whistles, but has retarded dots on the rear sight. I guess I could paint over the stupid-ass dots, or drill them out lightly and blue the steel like a...
  9. drmitchgibson

    Gator Classic

    Our USPSA Section Coordinator, Chad Stanton, won 1st Master at the Gator Classic this weekend!
  10. drmitchgibson

    RO class in Ft Smith, tentative, before end of year 2016

    Shooters, Old Fort Gun Club is working on organizing a Range Officer Class in Fort Smith before the end of the year. We have 10 or more folks interested, and need a few more to make a class. Becoming certified as a USPSA Range Officer is a great way to become more familiar with this sport...
  11. drmitchgibson

    Detonation and deflagration chemistry
  12. drmitchgibson

    Aimpoint, 12 pmags, Magpul BU rear, $400
  13. drmitchgibson

    USPSA at USSA Sunday July 10th 2016, starts at 9am

    Sign-in starts at 8:30am down on the range, probably bay 13. Hammer down 9am. Pre-register like a boss: Work on your grip
  14. drmitchgibson

    USPSA at OKCGC May 7th 2016

    OKC Gun Club's May USPSA match is this weekend -- May 7th. Sign-in will start about 9:15, and the match should be underway by 10AM. Lunch will be available, as usual. We will be building stages Friday afternoon starting around 1PM; help is always appreciated. ***
  15. drmitchgibson

    CRO class in NW Arkansas May 28-29

    Aww yeeah, bout it bout it son: To all Range Officers that are interested in a CRO class. RDS is hosting a CRO class at Lonesome Oak Guns and Range in Centerton, AR. Qualification is you must have 1 yr experience as a RO with USPSA. The dates are May 28-29th and there will be a $40 dollar fee...
  16. drmitchgibson

    Pistol Caliber Carbine provisional rules
  17. drmitchgibson

    Search function

    What is the deal with the search function? I look up "ak build" to try and find the topic with the title that starts "AK build" and it brings up tons of irrelevant posts including individual contingency program threads. "AK build" was the 25th line down the list of search results.
  18. drmitchgibson

    Possible CRO class in Arkansas

    ATTENTION ALL USPSA CERTIFIED RANGE OFFICERS !! The folks up at Razorback Dynamic Shooters in Northwest Arkansas are looking at the possibility of hosting a Level II Chief Range Officer class in the near future. The CRO designation is a step up from your RO status. The course is a two day...
  19. drmitchgibson

    AK ammo 7.62x39

    I want 500 rounds or less (200-500) to mess around with the AK that I'm building in April. Is online the place to go, or is there any good pricing locally? Seems like the last time I was in King's Pawn they had a ton of good deals on ammo. Great deals too. 7.62x39 only
  20. drmitchgibson

    4000 count .223 projectiles $250 Some people on Enos have proved these out as equivalent to Hornady's offering. I got a case to test.