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  1. WheelerDealer01

    1911 grip panels

    Oops...see attahcment
  2. WheelerDealer01

    1911 grip panels

    I realize this is an old thread, but does anyone know where I can find these grips? I have a Springfield TRP, and really like these grips. Any help is appreciated.
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    Handgun Pic's! Post 'em if you got em'!

    My new 1911 My new 1911
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    Ouch stupid hurts

  5. WheelerDealer01

    Medical Supplies

    So rubbing some dirt on it isn’t really a thing?! Good to know! Oh well, it’s gotten me this far...
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    1 Stage vs 2 Stage Triggers

    I swapped out my oem for a Geissele Super Tricon Trigger. It’s a 2 stage trigger, and immediately my groupings tightened up at 100m. Had 5 shots < 1MOA.
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    The Perfect Carry Gear

    Tackleberry in the flesh!
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    State Fair carry

    Good to know
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    Who has a Laser?

    Anyone have experience with a SureFire X400-U?
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    Good read, excellent to share.

    Great read Kevin. Thanks for sharing
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    Sheeps, Sheepdogs, and Wolves.....Good read.

    Good reading indeed. Thanks for sharing
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    My new CCW 1911

    Very nice...
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    Some thoughts on IWB Carry

    Awesome thread. There’s a lot of great info for someone who is learning about best practices for carrying.
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    EDC lights

    Anyone carry with a mounted weapon light? I’m looking at the SureFire X400-U for my 1911.
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    Who carries Full size?

    Ex Sniper, how do you like that holster? Do you carry your 1911 on your side or appendix carry?