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  1. stroker-c10

    CCI .22 AR Tactical 40 Grain 300 rd boxes - $25

    Figured I would throw these up on here. Picked up three boxes the other day of the CCI .22 AR Tactical 300 rd count boxes for $21.99 plus tax. I am just looking to help out other members who have had a hard time getting their hands on any .22 ammo lately. I would consider trades for .40, .45...
  2. stroker-c10

    Rossi Ranch Hand 45 LC $440 or trade

    Up for sale is a Rossi Ranch Hand that I recently purchased but have decided that I would rather sell it to fund projects I would probably shoot more often. This is the 'case hardened' model and has had exactly 12 rounds of Winchester 250 gr Cowboy Action ammo down the pipe. I can include the...
  3. stroker-c10

    $450 in Bass Pro Gift Cards - $400

    I have $450 in bass pro gift cards I am looking to get rid of. To be honest, the reason I am selling them is to fund a SR1911 Commander and they have not had one in stock and they will not price match on a special order and I know of other local vendors that have it for a much better price. I...
  4. stroker-c10

    Cost of Cerakote / rebluing of slide

    I was wondering if you guys could give me some ballpark figures on what it would cost to have a slide reblued or cerakote'd. I will probably be trading off my girlfriend's P3AT for a ruger LCP and there is some wear on the slide. Nothing too significant but she would eventually like to have it...
  5. stroker-c10

    Gun Safe Question

    I have a bit of a strange question. I will be getting a gun safe as a graduation present so obviously, I have been checking out a few of them. I typically see the most common recommended safes being Liberty, Bear, and Armor Vault. I have seen some of the Centurion safes by Liberty but have...
  6. stroker-c10

    great deal - psa complete upper $310

    Palmetto state armory complete upper for 310
  7. stroker-c10

    New holster on its way

    Brandon from ss holsters aren't me this picture last night. I wanted something a little different so I did dark brown leather with black shark trim. He ran into some issues with his a supplier so out took longer than he expected so he even through in a free magazine pouch. Let me know what ya think.
  8. stroker-c10

    Interesting Speech - Tarek Fatah talks at Ideacity

    I am not sure if many of you have seen this video or not but I thought it was pretty interesting. Additionally, I am working on an essay regarding this speach for my American Studies class and would like...
  9. stroker-c10

    WTB: .32 S&W rounds

    I am looking for some .32 s&w rounds. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  10. stroker-c10

    Recommend a gun range in Tulsa

    Not sure where the best place was to post this was but my girlfriend and I are planning on coming to Tulsa Tuesday. What gun range would you guys recommend? Thanks.
  11. stroker-c10

    Holster Suggestions - S&W M&P40c

    Just ordered my M&P40c. Was wanting some recommendations from you guys on holsters. I plan on carrying IWB and prefer leather, however, would be open-minded to any and all suggestions. Thanks again for the input.
  12. stroker-c10

    Marines in Berkeley....Funny

    Sorry if this is a repost. Some peoples thoughts and opinions...just WOW.
  13. stroker-c10

    WTB: Raspberry Ruger LCP

    My girlfriend is wanting one for Christmas. Anyone know of a place that has one in stock? The place I was going to order it through has sold out. Tulsa or OKC area preferably. I would prefer it to be new or like new condition.
  14. stroker-c10

    Has anoyone ever ordered from Hoffman's Gun Center?

    My girlfriend and I are planning on picking up CC guns for each other for Christmas. She likes the Raspberry pink LCP and I ran across their website which has them listed on sale for $250. Anyone have any experience with them...
  15. stroker-c10

    Pay yo damn bills!

    Thought this was funny.
  16. stroker-c10

    Interarms Mark X

    I was curious if anyone knew anything about Interarms? I ran across a Mark X .30-06 for sale but do not know much about them. I know they went out of business in the late 90s but can't find much information on them. Thanks.
  17. stroker-c10

    Sheeps, Sheepdogs, and Wolves.....Good read.

    I ran across this on the net and figured that many of you had probably already seen it before but for those that happened, I figured you may enjoy it.
  18. stroker-c10

    My first Paracord Bracelet

    Well got bored today so I figured I would give it a shot and try to make a paracord bracelet. Actually turned out pretty good for my first time. I must say they are super easy to make. This video helped a lot in trying to figure it out.
  19. stroker-c10

    Purchasing firearms out of state

    I was curious as to what the specific guidelines were for me personally purchasing firearms out of state. I will be living in the Woodlands, TX and wasn't sure if I would be legally allowed to purchase firearms there or not. I have heard a lot of different things and would like to hear...
  20. stroker-c10

    SKD Tactical - 25% off sale - Today Only

    Ran across this on "another forum". Figured I would share it though. In celebration of Osama's death, SKD Tactical is offering 25% off all gear.