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  1. stroker-c10

    CCI .22 AR Tactical 40 Grain 300 rd boxes - $25

    Sold! Thanks for the interest!
  2. stroker-c10

    CCI .22 AR Tactical 40 Grain 300 rd boxes - $25

    Figured I would throw these up on here. Picked up three boxes the other day of the CCI .22 AR Tactical 300 rd count boxes for $21.99 plus tax. I am just looking to help out other members who have had a hard time getting their hands on any .22 ammo lately. I would consider trades for .40, .45...
  3. stroker-c10

    Rossi Ranch Hand 45 LC $440 or trade

    Up for sale is a Rossi Ranch Hand that I recently purchased but have decided that I would rather sell it to fund projects I would probably shoot more often. This is the 'case hardened' model and has had exactly 12 rounds of Winchester 250 gr Cowboy Action ammo down the pipe. I can include the...
  4. stroker-c10

    $450 in Bass Pro Gift Cards - $400

    I have $450 in bass pro gift cards I am looking to get rid of. To be honest, the reason I am selling them is to fund a SR1911 Commander and they have not had one in stock and they will not price match on a special order and I know of other local vendors that have it for a much better price. I...
  5. stroker-c10

    $15 for a $30 gift card at Joe Bob Outfitters

    Ordered. Wouldn't hurt to order some goodies now that I got the stripped upper in. Thanks Jesse.
  6. stroker-c10

    $15 for a $30 gift card at Joe Bob Outfitters

    Hey Jesse, have you ordered from gearhog before?
  7. stroker-c10

    Wisdom teeth

    Thats funny. I had seven wisdom teeth too. The doctor told me it is not really that abnormal to have extras. I had all seven pulled at once at the oral surgeon in Stillwater (Sethman and Miller) but they also put me under. I was out of it when I woke up, but after coming home and resting I...
  8. stroker-c10

    New from Ponca City.

    Welcome from another Ponca City guy.
  9. stroker-c10

    New from Grand Lake!

    I'll be in Ketchum in two weeks. If we get the chance, we may try to swing by monkey island and eat. Welcome to the site.
  10. stroker-c10

    Everything you ever wanted to know about gun safes

    Good video. I am in the market for a safe so thanks.
  11. stroker-c10

    Rimfire Hotness

    Left the Marlin 17vs in Stillwater but here is the majority of my rimfire stuff except for the 17 and the H&R model 649 .22 revolver. Savage 24S-A .22 mag over 20 ga Winchester Model 74 .22 Winchester Model 06 .22 Winchester Model 9422M XTR .22 Mag Ruger 10/22
  12. stroker-c10

    Cost of Cerakote / rebluing of slide

    Thanks for the input Mike. Thats kind of what I was wondering too. Looks like we are going the new gun route.
  13. stroker-c10

    Cost of Cerakote / rebluing of slide

    I was wondering if you guys could give me some ballpark figures on what it would cost to have a slide reblued or cerakote'd. I will probably be trading off my girlfriend's P3AT for a ruger LCP and there is some wear on the slide. Nothing too significant but she would eventually like to have it...
  14. stroker-c10

    Rimfire Hotness

    I own a model 74 as well. It belonged to my grandfather and was actually the very first gun I ever shot. I received it from my grandma a few years ago in pretty rough shape. I ended up taking it to Franson's and had him completely refinish it. I will try and post up a few pictures this weekend.
  15. stroker-c10

    Mountain Lion

    Ehhh ran across it late at night. Didn't pay too much attention ie beer may have been involved.