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  1. SGW Gunsmith

    Dang It! Ruger

    It's too bad you've had such bad luck with your 22/45. with a little bit of "tweaking" of the factory parts and they run really well.
  2. SGW Gunsmith

    Next level stress

    No doubt about it, that does [email protected]@K really nice. $3,000.00 for the set-up, does create SOME pause though. :rolleyes:
  3. SGW Gunsmith

    Ruger Wouldn't Do It

    I'll get a call now and then from an exasperated Ruger Mark pistol owner who tried to get Ruger to do some work on their pistol. Ruger just doesn't do some of the things that an owner will want done. Not even some things that will in no way jeopardize the safety of said firearm. Sending any...
  4. SGW Gunsmith

    Dang It! Ruger

    Don't know if my note to the CEO actually worked, but just the other day I've seen 22/45 & Ruger Mark III 22/45 sear springs start showing up at some of the distributors that I was receiving those from. OK, I'm happy now. ;)
  5. SGW Gunsmith

    New Build

    That is a very SERIOUS lookin' rifle, good job! Would like to read as to which caliber you decided upon and how it performs. Always cool to read about projects like yours and then seeing what it will do.
  6. SGW Gunsmith

    More Support For That Heavy Barrel

    One of thee MOST popular .22 rimfire rifles, still currently in production, involves the Ruger 10/22 rifle and all of its iterations involved since 1964. It's one of the most easily worked on firearms available, and there is a plethora of aftermarket parts available to make that rifle into a...
  7. SGW Gunsmith

    Dang It! Ruger

    That's what I'm sorta hoping for. None of the firearms manufacturers I've dealt with make springs. It's been my experience that, like you say, others do that work much better, so I hope they do take up the charge.
  8. SGW Gunsmith

    Dang It! Ruger

    Seems that Ruger will no longer be stocking many of the parts for the Ruger Mark II & III pistols going forward. I try to stock as many as I can get my grip grabbers on, but once Ruger runs out of stock, it looks like owners will be SOL, for some parts. Case in point. The 22/45 and Ruger Mark...
  9. SGW Gunsmith

    Enhanced Sights

    Seems there are getting to be more and more "Boomers" who are having some issues with black on black sights when they're on a black bullseye. I do use an Ultra-Dot red dot sight on a Ruger Mark II for pins and speed steel: But I still like to shoot with iron sights quite often. By adding...
  10. SGW Gunsmith

    Ruger Mark Pistol Shooters

    Sorry about not getting back sooner. The suppressor was made at Lauer Weaponry in Chippewa Falls, WI. Steve is the same guy who owns, produces and sells Dura-Coat.
  11. SGW Gunsmith

    Ruger Mark Pistol Shooters

    I set up this Ruger Mark III 22/45 to exclusively shoot CCI Quiet .22 Long Rifle ammunition. This pistol has a prototype bolt that weighs less than half of the 5 oz. factory steel bolt Ruger provides. This was a quest I was bound and determined to accomplish. It has been done and now it's one...
  12. SGW Gunsmith

    Ruger MKIII Magazine Issue / Resolution

    Anytime I get a new Ruger Mark pistol magazine, or two, from a customer, the first thing done is to smooth that magazine. The magazine bodies are a stamped item and the follower button track in those magazines are fraught with burrs and sharp edges. It's really a simple matter to smooth the...
  13. SGW Gunsmith

    Ruger Mark Pistol Shooters

    I hunted for this Ruger Mark III for almost 2-years before I finally found one. One of my customers told me that Williams Sight Co. had a couple in stock at their Michigan store. By the time I contacted them, this was the last one. They are rather rare.
  14. SGW Gunsmith

    Ruger Mark Pistol Shooters

    Any discussion being considered concerning the Ruger Mark .22 rimfire pistols? I've been working on, and with, these pistols for 47 + years now and have encountered just about every quirk these pistols can conjure up. My favortie version is the Mark II, but I'm getting heavily involved with the...
  15. SGW Gunsmith

    Tools needed for 10//22 Power Custom trigger install?

    But don't forget, you need to have just the tip of yer tongue sticking out of the left side corner of your mouth, but just a little bit. :o