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    GSSF Big Boy's Guns and Ammo

    GSSF Indoor League Match @ GSSF Big Boy's Guns and Ammo Oklahoma City. This is the summer new series that is in progress. 1 match has been completed. But the series is scored as the best 2 of the 3. You have to shoot 2 events to qualify for the series awards and prizes. These are held...
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    GSSF Indoor League Match BDC Gunroom

    GSSF Indoor League Match @ BDC Gunroom in Shawnee, OK. This is a new series. They just completed their first series at this location. This series will be Sunday Afternoons, registration @ 2:00, Briefing @ 3:00, and shooting by 3:15. BDC has been very good about keeping things rolling on these...
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    RCBS Rangemaster Digital Scale

    Very near new condition in the original box. This was one of my backup scales and only saw limited use. $75
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    Dillon XL 650 for sale

    Dillon 650 with case feeder, strong mount, and roller handle. Links provided on the non-Dillon items. Includes conversion kit and case feeder plate for your choice, 9mm/38 Super, .40 S&W/10mm , 44 Special/Magnum, or .223. Includes Inline Fabrication Skylight LED light kit includes...
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    Gun shop owner arrested

    "It is alarming," Oklahoma gun shop owner arrested
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    Bipod Info

    I'm looking for tips on selecting a general purpose bipod for an AR. Primary use will be from a bench or shooting prone. I'm leaning toward a 6-9" Harris with swivel and "M" option to deploy the legs. Also, I like the RBA-1 quick detach rail adapter that rotates/pans. Budget is $200 for...
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    Glock parts in Tulsa

    Does anyone know of a source in Tulsa where a friend can buy a factory G19 striker spring?