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  1. oklaccer

    Sigtac STH400A

    I recently came to own one of these optics. It has no paperwork with it and I couldn't find anything on Sigs website. My most important question, if someone knows, which battery does it take. It appears to be a standard 2032, but I would like to know for sure. I know this optic came from the...
  2. oklaccer

    Walmart to stop selling ammo. This is a link to an article with another link to the full story. Sorry for the gap, but I was having trouble makeing cut and paste work.
  3. oklaccer

    AR platform Brass Catcher

    Want to get any and all feedback on a brass catcher. No competitions, just plinking in the back 80. Don't want to have to dig through the cow patties to find brass. Anyway, what have you used? How did it work for you? What would you do differently? Other recommendations? Thanks in advance for...
  4. oklaccer

    Interesting twist to stand your ground laws I have a feeling this will be a hot topic for a while
  5. oklaccer

    Glock 27 - used

    Sale includes a G27, with a 3.5# connector, 3 mags, 2 holsters and a box of Remington Golden Sabre's. The holsters are a leather OWB belt slide and an Unkle Mikes soft IWB. $450.00. I have not fired it, but my friendly LEO glock armorer says it looks like about 600 rounds have been fired...
  6. oklaccer

    A new shooter

    Got to take my daughter to the range for the first time today. My Ruger single six was a little front heavy but the .22shorts were just right. She had fun and wants to do it again. Color me a happy daddy.
  7. oklaccer

    Open Carry Forum

    Now that open carry will be the law of the land, as of November 1, do we need to add an "Open Carry" forum somewhere. We could tell each other where OC is and is not welcome, plan OC events, etc.
  8. oklaccer

    My First Competition

    I went to Pryor yesterday (7-9) to shoot the Steel Challenge at Alpha Training Academy. The day went well, as I didn't DQ, and finished 4th in my division. OK, so the 5th shooter DNF'D. My major observation is this - THE TIMER IS EVIL. The mental stigma of this inanimate object ticking away...
  9. oklaccer

    .22LR conversion for G23

    In the never ending search to reduce the cost of shooting, I just purchased an Advantage Arms conversion. Last night I took it out to the dump just to run rounds through it. Had 2 malfunctions, 1 was a bad primer. I tried twice to get it to fire with no luck. The other is in the category of...
  10. oklaccer

    Who wants to mess with this lady.

    9mm, rapid fire, 30 ft, off hand. If I hadn't been right beside her, I would not have beleived it. She is right handed and was having trouble with consistency. After we figured out she is left eye dominant, we had her try shooting left handed. The results speak for themselves.
  11. oklaccer

    .22LR conversion for Glock

    I am looking for an Advantage Arms .22LR conversion for a Glock 23. Used is OK as long as it works. New is better.
  12. oklaccer

    Glocks, factory barrel, 40cal, reloads?

    What works for just normal every day punching holes in paper? I'm not doing competions and power factor is not an issue. I just want something that will work without going KB. Glock 23, 800 round count at this time. Fairly new to reloading, again. I have an RCBS rock chucker, RCBS carbide...
  13. oklaccer

    Another new guy checking in

    I read a lot more than I post. Have been hanging out at and for a while. Thought I would hang here and see how it goes. So far things look real good.