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  1. Keepkool

    Urban Carry G2

    I have used this with a small frame Sig P938, it very comfortable and is not noticeable with a relaxed pair of jeans . The downfall is its almost impossible to draw from the seated position or driving in car.
  2. Keepkool

    .22lr suppressor host

    Any fixed barrel action will work the best . Good luck and enjoy.
  3. Keepkool

    Any 1911 fans here?

    I am a big fan of the 1911 and have more than a few in my collection. My favorite would be a 70 series Goldcup but the most accurate would be my LesBear that is guaranteed 1.5" at 50yd. enjoy you 1911
  4. Keepkool

    Focus in 2020

    Thank you for keeping the forum going.
  5. Keepkool

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year
  6. Keepkool

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas. Speed loader holder is cool.
  7. Keepkool

    S&W 442 | $290 after rebate

    Great deal for whoever grabbed one.
  8. Keepkool

    New from Connecticut

    Welcome Hddreamer, where in Ct you form. I'm just across the sound and have a few Ct. shooter at my local club match monthly at LIPSA.
  9. Keepkool

    I bought a gun or something gun related today

    What did I buy today ? I have been trying to be good lately but Friday I stopped into a local shop here in NY. After a bit of browsing and the NY paper shuffle I returned home with this S&W Pre 27 . Need to get to the range and sling some lead with it . Ill keep ya updated with the punishment...
  10. Keepkool

    2018 Official Prize Drawing Thread

    Received my certificates today , Thanks to all that made this happen. The Contingency program will be missed. God Speed to all .
  11. Keepkool

    2018/2019 Program?

  12. Keepkool

    2018/2019 Program?

    Waiting Patiently , already a dozen matches unaccounted for. :triniti:
  13. Keepkool

    2018 Official Prize Drawing Thread

    Thank you to all that has made this possible and especially to the sponsors. Looking forward to another year of competition.
  14. Keepkool

    KEVIN DRISCOLL | Point Tracking Thread

    Here we Go , Thanks in advance Kevin Driscoll Nordic Components Certificate for PCC rifle 16" rifle or 8.5" pistol $1,599.00 Hailey Ordnance AR-15 16" BBL, 15" Handguard $1,500.00 Tooth & Nail Armory Certificate for 922r MKA 1919 - $995 (FFL Item) $995.00 Tooth & Nail Armory Certificate for...
  15. Keepkool

    2017 Contingency Entries

    Any news? Another half a month has gone by .
  16. Keepkool

    Newbe shadow 2

    Red Hill Tactical for the holster , I am happy with the grips so I have no need for change. I did just have a issue at this weekends match with extractor stripping past the round causing a failure to eject. need to see whats going on there. Other than that I love the gun and a great replacement...
  17. Keepkool

    2017 Contingency Entries

    Looks good to me , Thanks