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  1. Mitch Rapp

    Best Carry Gun

    Glock 19 is the best ever, except for my Glock 32, which is like the 19, but better..... I actually really want to get a 17 and cut the grip down to 19 dimensions. That would be win. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  2. Mitch Rapp

    AK Build Class !?!

    When we took mine to the range I was getting groups more along the lines of inch and a half. With the sights set up the proper way, I took the AK Tacmedic helped me build and today shot the Oklahoma Run n Gun and got all 3 required hits on the 500 yard torso plate. And it wasn't hard, run the...
  3. Mitch Rapp

    2015-2016 deer hunting contest discussion thread.

    Hunted a new area opening day. With the high winds and very rugged terrain we decided against walking in in the dark. Got there about 8 and mainly still hunted / stalked. First time to ever kill a deer that way. She put her head up above the grass at about 40 yards, I put the red dot on her nose...
  4. Mitch Rapp

    Official 2015 Centerfire Deer gun season contest.

    Crazy windy yesterday. Took my first ever still hunting / stalking deer. Sent from my SCH-R890 using Tapatalk
  5. Mitch Rapp

    Built an AK

    Jeff is hosting a class soon, he has helped several people do builds solo as well. The class would be well worth it, the rifle you walk away with is as well made as any out there, not to mention the fact that you built it. Look at what other classes cost, then see what he is charging, it's a steal.
  6. Mitch Rapp

    Built an AK

    Yeah, now to see if I can do it at 500 during the run n gun! I did it last year with my Garand, so we'll see!
  7. Mitch Rapp

    Built an AK

    A friend of mine offered to let me come to his place and build and AK. I have to tell you having literally drilled the holes, set the rivets and built this rifle is really cool. People who tell you AK's aren't accurate, well I think its safe to say they haven't shot one built properly. We took...
  8. Mitch Rapp

    CMP looks to open a Marksmanship Park in Oklahoma

    Sounds epic! I saw some pictures of the long range bays and they had cameras set up to see your targets and such. I need to get to an Appleseed with my oldest boy.
  9. Mitch Rapp

    You know you're a gun nut when...

    My March of '45 Garand is named Eleanor.
  10. Mitch Rapp

    who's broke and needs what?

    I'm broke, and my 6 kids just want their dad's 1911 to have a sweet carry overhaul....
  11. Mitch Rapp

    AR-15 with Iron sights...

    Might take you up on that at some point, I need to develop a good load for it. 1-7 barrel, and I already use 75 grain Swift Scirroco's as my hunting load, will probably try and find a similar load with the 77 grain Noslers.
  12. Mitch Rapp

    AR-15 with Iron sights...

    Have thought of that, and may go that route. For now I am spending money on ammo and range time first. Thankfully being a mid length it already has a little more sight radius.
  13. Mitch Rapp

    AR-15 with Iron sights...

    Sounds good, thanks. Already worked on the front sight some.
  14. Mitch Rapp

    AR-15 with Iron sights...

    Let me first tell you what I have, then you guys can tell me what to do. I have a mid length AR, with standard front sight, and A2 carry handle rear. I have used scopes my whole life, literally had a scope on my first pellet gun, and want to start over and learn to be better with irons...
  15. Mitch Rapp

    Ballistic Calculator

    I use and like Shooter. It's about ten bucks. Free ones I have used Nosler, and Winchester. I also played with a Nikon app wasn't free but was cheap.
  16. Mitch Rapp

    You know you're a gun nut when...

    When your 3 year old knows to stay behind you, but collect and return magazines to you when you are dry practicing.
  17. Mitch Rapp

    Carry choice w/ suit

    Still wear a suit or sport coat every Sunday, and on most Wednesdays, during the week I carry in a Looper leather/kydex hybrid holster, in my suit I use a leather pancake holster. Currently carry a G30.
  18. Mitch Rapp

    XDs or XDM 3.8 compact, or something better?

    I feel like saying go join the Army, go through Rangers and Delta, then come back and tell everyone why they are wrong about you.... But if I did he might get mad and post about it on another forum.....
  19. Mitch Rapp

    A nice 'lil sub-compact semi

    Buddy of mine was in the Army, he was infantry and a sniper team leader. Outside of Sniper School he had more sensitivity training than weapons training. He did however take two TDSA classes before he joined and wouldn't trade what he learned there for anything.
  20. Mitch Rapp

    The stupid is getting thick in here....

    With the two guys I know of who went to SHOT show I can't believe they missed out on this gem, it is after all the "Ultimate concealed carry pistol"