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    2018 Pawnee Winter Run 'n Gun January 20, 2018

    Past participant, it's a great match! Planned to run again this winter but missed the sign up date so on to the waiting list. !$&x*
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    Team Triangle hunting trip

    Them's the kinda pics that make a Parent & Grandparent really smile BIG! Well done!!!
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    Happy Labor/Freedom day

    Happy Freedom Day
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    State vs State Team 3 Gun Match

    Might be some Corona induced memory loss there Jesse, Kansas Boys went 1st, 2nd & 3rd... But in all fairness, there was very limited Okie participation for the match due to: weather issues, job related stuff, "that time of the month" etc, etc, etc. I'll be the first to admit that it was...
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    Possible Fall 2017 - Shotgun only match.

    My vote would be to schedule it for October, bird season starts here in November and would hate to miss out.
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    Interesting new compensator

    Kinda looks like a combination of a Lantac, Fortis and Rise Armament...
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    Chris Kyle charity 3gun this weekend. Who's going?

    Some of us Kansas boys will be coming through OK with our Boomer jerseys and hopefully under radar, if that counts.
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    Safariland 40% off discount code

    Good on you for sharing, good stuff for sure!
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    Pistol Stance Help

    Great advice, but keep talking to him like this and you're going to scare him back to only shooting his Dasiy Red Ryder...
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    CHRIS KYLE CHARITY BENEFIT WILD WEST MULTIGUN & DEVIL OF RAMADI SNIPER CHALLENGE 4-5 of us from up here signed in early from above link and heading that way!
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    Timney vs. CMC vs. Geissele (all models) vs etc...

    That is EXACTLY how I ended up buying mine! I did get to handle the new Risearmament trigger last month at the 3G event at USSA and it was hard to tell any difference between it and the Gold. Anybody bought one yet?
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    Guide Rod

    Well played, that's some funny $hit right there!
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    $285 - Nordic Components AR22 Complete Stock Kit Certificate Thanks to the sponsors
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    SIghtron 1-7x24 and Larue LT139

    Some of us have seen AB without a shirt on and I can swear that "meticulousness" does not come to mind. :)
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    21" Benelli M1

    Wow, kinda forgot what a factory loading port looks like...
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    Bentsight (Mike Hulteen) Contingency Tracker Thread

    3G at USSA 12/28 Scores. Pic. Contingency points 18 Woo- hoo, Thanks for all the work doing this!!!
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    Winchester AA rebate

    Mine came two weeks ago
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    3 Gun @ USSA 12-28-14

    Good facility, good COF's, good squadmates = Great time and well worth the 9 hours on the road!!! Thanks for all the hard work that goes into these matches! See ya all next season.