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    needing a milspec stock

    I am needing a basic milspec stock to finish out a lower until I decide exactly what direction I want to go. had a couple but apparently during the divorce move I cannot find them. willing to pay. Bret
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    doe only season 2014

    well, after passing up most of my shots this year due to one reason or another I finally took a doe last night. wasn't the most ideal of shots presented with her facing directly on . but I did manage to hit right under the throat patch about 140yds with my ar.....had it in my hands in case of...
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    Weatherby Vanguard .270

    I have a weatherby vanguard in .270 I need to has a 3x9x50 Bushnell banner mounted on a DNZ base/rings. it has been a good rifle and has taken a few deer but it's technically my back up so it's been pretty limited on hunting time. looking to sell or maybe trade to a Mossberg MVP in...
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    first harvest of year

    was fortunate to have this coyote come in Friday morning with a companion....couldn't get the 2nd one....first blood drawn with the AR!
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    Crimp or no crimp on 9mm?

    I have heard different things, some say crimp some say no need? shooting mostly 124gr xtreme with CFE pistol powder and getting ready to load some 147gr w/same powder. if crimping is needed then why do no stores around OKC carry the factory crimp? help Bret
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    Help on m&p

    we were out shooting today and my wife's m&p slide didn't go all the way forward and is now stuck. there's one in the chamber but the slide won't go forward to engage but won't come back to eject. i hate to take it to a gunsmith unless i have to since she goes to the women's 3gun training in 2...
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    Just geting started

    the wife and I are just getting going on IPSC and other shooting sports besides archery (which we've done for a while). hope to be able to get into 3 gun by next season, right now it's a little pistol shooting and hunting season! need to get some meat in the freezer. I've now participated in 4...