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  1. TroyF

    Official 2012 Christmas haul pic thread....

    Post up your goodies.
  2. TroyF


    Hey guys forward me, or Josh, or Ryan some action photos of you sexy beasts..... Need to update the FB page.
  3. TroyF

    George Carrington

    I believe congrats are due to George Carrington. It is my understanding that he was High Junior at the 2012 Steel Nationals. As in National Champion George Carrington...........
  4. TroyF


    If anyone needs holsters order em in this thread. Holsters are free (tho I will take donations for shipping!) to Team Members. Before anyone asks, my mag pouches sukk ass. They're ok, just not as good as CR Speed or Safariland. Molds on hand for: All manner of Glock M&P M&P Pro XD 1911...
  5. TroyF

    Snipers, Inc. on NatIonal Geographic

    About the Barrett family.... Looks cool. Channel 741 on Cox.
  6. TroyF

    WTB-A2 stock

    Looking for an AR15 A2 stock. Surely someone has one of these in the discard pile somewhere. Holla!
  7. TroyF

    Tri City May Be Building Berms and Joining USPSA

    Is this a sanctioned USPSA match?
  8. TroyF

    Totally heartbroken

    There is a show on Bio right now. It is exposing the gimmicks and tricks of professional wrestling. Apparently, wrestling is not real. Who knew?!? I'm devastated. Guess I might as well watch the Real Housewives of My Boobs are Fake and I'm A Gold Digger.....
  9. TroyF

    Steve Okie?

    Just had a conversation with Steve Anderson. You know, the dryfire book guy. I didnt realize that he is from Ponca City. Thought that was pretty cool. Small world.
  10. TroyF

    What cool gun stuff did Santa bring you this year?

    Typical jealousy thread started...... I got some M&P mags. Bought Levi a shot timer.
  11. TroyF

    CM 09-09 Lightning and Thunder

    I know that this Classifier was shot at H&H this month. Any thoughts on the best way to shoot it? Aside from "shoot Alphas as fast as possible"....
  12. TroyF

    Presentation Boxes?

    Anyone locally make presentation boxes for pistols? My Chief is retiring after 35 years and I want to get him something nice to go with his retirement pistol. Thinking something along the lines of a wooden box with the felt lining that is cut out for the pistol..... Like you see in the high...
  13. TroyF

    OKC Gun Club 3 Gun Match Info, Rules, and Round Counts

    From the match Director. Exceptions/details will be posted in specific match announcement. For the OKCGC 3-gun matches, plan on: 75 pistol 75 rifle 50 shotshell 5-10 slugs each and everytime! If we need any special shotgun ammo like buckshot, that will be announced, but if you always plan...
  14. TroyF

    PPC Match 5

    Not so much a drill, but a great measure of accuracy. This is the test one must take/pass to make it through Oklahoma's LE Firearms Instructor School. Setup: B27 target (x ring, 10 ring, 9 ring, 8 ring, 7 ring), barricades at 25 and 50 yards. Front half: 7 yards: draw shoot 6, reload, shoot...
  15. TroyF


    This drill was introduced to my by Mike Seeklander. It is my absolute favorite drill, because of the variety of things you can do with it. You can vary your distance based on preference or the skill you are working on. I think of this more as a pattern.... Setup: two targets spaced...
  16. TroyF

    Hackathorn Standards

    Hackathorn Standards designed by Ken Hackathorn Range: varies (see below) Target: three IPSC (or IDPA) targets spaced 1yd apart at heights (from left to right) of 5′, 6′, 4′. Start position: varies Rounds fired: 60 Designed by Ken Hackathorn in 1993, the “Hack Standards” formed the...
  17. TroyF

    Purpose of this subforum

    Ever been stumped as to what to practice? This subforum will be a place where you can come and get some ideas for some drills, or maybe get some pointers on some USPSA classifiers. Each drill or Classifier will have it's own thread. Feel free to post up your results, tips, etc. Also go ahead...
  18. TroyF

    Seahorse gun cases

    Anyone have any experience with Seahorse brand gun cases? The look similar to Pelicans.
  19. TroyF

    WTS: Leupold spotting scope

    Up for grabs: Leupold Mark 4 12-40x60mm Tactical Sniper Spotting Scope, Mil Dot Reticle (53756) The official spotting scope of the U.S. Army’s new XM110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS), the Mark 4® 12-40x60mm Tactical spotting scope is ideally suited for use as part of a shooting team. It...
  20. TroyF


    Awesome transaction with Mike today. Super nice guy, very polite and friendly. Total confidence with this cat.