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    Got Another Win

    The Shoot for the Gold benefit 3 gun match isn't a major, with only 81 people who actually shot it, but it still feels really good to have won Factory division with it being the first time I shot Factory and considering some of the people who shot in that division. Winning a gold medal and a...
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    Stripped set screw

    I have a stripped set screw in the rear sight of my pistol. It's a Dawson sight, so the screw is thooper tiny and thooper deep in there. I don't want to try using JB Weld on an allen wrench, as the chance of getting it on the threads seems too great. Is there an easy way to get this thing out...
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    13 or 15 Pound Spring?

    I'm going to put a tungsten guide rod in my Gen 3 G34 and I like captured springs. I understand the basic recipe for tuning a gun but I'm not sure which spring weight is best to go with. Right now I'm shooting 132-ish PF loads because I don't want different loads for different games. I can...
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    .223 Sizing Question

    I don't have much experience with reloading rifle ammo and the test/dummy rounds I've loaded don't eject easily. I've messed with the amount of crimp with no luck. Is there anybody who is near prepped brass who can tell me what the inside and outside diameter of their case mouth is? I did...
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    X-Treme Bullets

    Next feedback post for a company based on this website. It's a little one. I called X-Treme to ask what kind of variance in case length I could expect with their reprocessed .223 brass, and the lady sent me a free sample pack of primed brass. I don't know if they go through extra processing...
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    No big flashy post, just a quick note to say thanks to CPWSA for getting my product to me so quickly. Ordered a PEPR 30mm mount for my Strike Eagle and it got here quickly and with no damage. Price was very reasonable and delivery was quick. Now to figure out where to put it so I don't lose...
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    Warne Mount Sources?

    I want to give this site's sponsor's my business first since my sponsors don't carry what I'm looking for. I just ordered a Strike Eagle and need a mount. I'm looking at Vortex or Warne one-piece, preferably Warne because of their reputation. 30 mm tube, I don't need the offset rail sections...
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    Gap in Nordic extension?

    I have a +8 Nordic extension in my VM and I'm trying to figure out why it seems so difficult to get rounds in there quickly. I have no doubt it's a training deficiency, but in looking, there is a gap between the stock tube and the extension. The gap is noticeable enough to feel and hear when...
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    New Monthly 3 Gun in Missouri

    I don't know if he planned to keep things mum until he was ready to come out, but Chad Francis, one of the head honchos for Generation 3 Gun, is planning to start running a monthly 3 gun match near Iberia, MO. He says he's trying for the first match to be in March with matches in the first...
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    Tear it Apart and Help Me Make it Good

    I'm working on making a drill for my use and would like some feedback on ways to make it effective. My initial plan was to use paper, but scoring between strings to see where I'm sucking with paper or falling steel would mean a shitload of walking. It is really closer to being a training...
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    For Sale, 2015 Boomer Shooter Jersey

    Size Adult XL (I know, it's kinda on the small side for most 3 gunners, but it stretches). Has original factory markings along with "David Marlow" on the collar. Perfect for committing a crime if you want the police to chase the wrong leads, giving you time to get down to Old Meheeco. $38,000...
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    How Many Rounds Did You Shoot in 2016?

    9mm - 192 .223 - 10 YTD Totals: .22 - 9mm - 192 .40 - .223 - 10 Birdshot - Slug - .45 - Total : 202
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    Question about magazine tube

    I got my shotgun back from a gunsmith after having some work done, and the load port wasn't opened nearly as much as it could have been. Another fella I shoot with showed me the work he did to his own Versa Max and it looked great. I told him as much and he offered to do mine just like his...
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    Luis Renova

    He hasn't created a feedback thread, at least not one I saw, so I'll start it. I bought four uncaptured recoil springs and a guide rod for my G34. Communication was clear and replies came quickly. I paid online Thursday (I think) and received the package today. Very fast shipping, very...
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    How many rounds do I need for Limited?

    To paraphrase the great statesman Mike Cyrwus, "Limited minor is where three gunners go when they're slumming it in USPSA". That being said, I'd like to get into Limited major, but the only pistol I own above a 9mm is a Glock 41 in .45 ACP. I can get +4 basepads from TTI, which will give me 17...
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    Help me out with Gear and Sources, Please.

    I've introduced a new shooter to USPSA and 3 gun, and he asked me to give him a list of what he needs to compete. Apparently he's done using my loaner stuff. The list I've come up with so far is belt with liner, holster, one rifle mag pouch, minimum of four pistol mag pouches (He plans to...
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    Need Help with Glock Parts

    A buddy here is giving my son a stripped Timberwolf Glock frame from Lone Wolf Distributors, and I want to build him a competition pistol. Matthew's no KC Eusebio, but he's really excited to start shooting centerfire. In fact, my wife overheard him telling his three year-old sister "Now Myla...
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    I Wonder if Jesse Giggled

    Watching an old episode of Guns and Gear, the Stag 3T was highlighted and Jesse was talking about it. Right at the end, Ryan Gresham was talking about how much he liked the handguard. He was stroking it saying it's thin, it's easy to grip, and it's long. I wonder if Jesse had to suppress a...
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    Which Winchester AA?

    There are several different loads in the AA line. Which one do people tend to go with for 3 gun? I'm assuming it depends on which one patterns best, but is there a benefit in one load over another for a combination of 3 gun and skeet/trap/clays?
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    Does Remington have a rebate program for bulk shotshells?

    I found the 2015 rebate form for Winchester AA shotgun ammo, with a beginning date in May. I've heard Remington has a similar program, but have only found the Spring rebate stuff that doesn't cover smaller shot in bulk. Do they have a bulk rebate each year and if so, when do they normally...