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  1. TroyF

    3 gun Holster rules

    Mooner is do have a mold for the SP01. And K9, I can take it pretty high.... Email me if you guys are interested. It'd be next week before I can do anything, have my kids this weekend. I only get to be a dad 6 days a month, so I don't squander that time.
  2. TroyF

    IWB Holster recommendation

    The mtac is pretty good.
  3. TroyF

    Custom 308 build by Steve Baldwin

    Somebody jump on this. That kind of accuracy is mythical. Someone loved that gun very much while it was being built.
  4. TroyF

    3 gun Holster rules

    The BearCat (one word) satisfies all sorts of desires..... The 3G holster I'm building comes up a little higher over the ejection port. But Carpenter is swearing by the Limited cut I'm doing.
  5. TroyF

    Robert Vogel, World Class Pistol Skills, Oct 26-27 Chandler OK

    If this is going to happen, I'm going. Anyone else? I mean, it's Bob effin' Vogel......
  6. TroyF


    Thanks guys. Adam, im glad they arrived. Was scared...
  7. TroyF

    What the heck is wrong with my Glock?

    Have you tried some different magazines? I've seen this before, but can't recall the reason or the fix. I'll ask some of my counterparts at OCPD. Seems like that is where I was made aware of that issue.
  8. TroyF

    Tornado Survival Kit

    In light of this week's tragic event let me add this: I know a lot of folks want to do something. Donate food, water, etc..... We are good. The outpouring of support has been typically astounding. Do this for us. For you. Get a kit together. Spend the money you would have spent on a...
  9. TroyF

    Shadow Rider aka Scott Hearn

    I have all your nails bro....
  10. TroyF

    Relieved of Duty/Terminated

    I feel you're pain bro. I've only been there in spirit for the last two years. Business model changed I guess. Goad is a good dude, for those who don't know him. This sucks.
  11. TroyF

    Shadow Rider aka Scott Hearn

    It sucks all the way around Scott. We are getting our marching orders from up top. I'm not sure which top tho. Lots of heads of different agencies running things. Is there anything I can do for you? He'll bro, I'll drive your truck into wherever you need it. I'm hoping that we open...
  12. TroyF

    undercover cops

    No time requirement to leave. 3 seconds, 20 seconds, it doesn't matter. He said he wasn't leaving. He identified himself as the police, it is a moot point if he identifies himself as an agent of the store. I find it odd that the two men just happened to be videoing themselves in the parking...
  13. TroyF

    undercover cops

    I'm going to guess that the officer is working security at the liquor store, and has the authority to arrest for trespassing. He wasn't purchasing anything in the store, he was loitering in the parking lot. And acting as an agent of the liquor store, the officer can tell him to leave the...
  14. TroyF

    Triple Crown Holsters!

    Is it one of mine?
  15. TroyF

    Triple Crown Holsters!

    Be patient with me guys, I'm working as fast as I can. Lol Here's as good a place for any for an update. As most of you know I'm a LEO (that was for a Burke and Tony). More specifically, my full-time job is as an Instructor in areas pertaining to Firearms, SWAT, etc... In light on recent...
  16. TroyF

    NYC starting to confiscate guns!

    Way to go NY! Sarcasm off..... So we attach more stigma to someone seeking mental health treatment? All that will succeed in doing is pushing people who need help further away from seeking treatment. Makes zero sense.
  17. TroyF

    sponsor 2013

    Cool. Well save it anyway.
  18. TroyF

    sponsor 2013

    You might have the wrong number Jake. 698-6060 The old number was two psycho girlfriends ago......
  19. TroyF

    sponsor 2013

    Sounds like a love song... I've gotta get off my ass and get some mags in the mail for Don, and get a holster over to Rusty too Get it down here during the next OKCGC match, I will mold it and get it right back to whoever delivered it. Only need it for an hour
  20. TroyF

    sponsor 2013

    Let me know when I can borrow yours........