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  1. AKjosh12

    Primary Arms FFP 1x8x24 Platinum Series ACSS Reticle

    Light use looking for $960 shipped. Reticle designed for 5.56, 7.62x39 or .308 Take a look at the pics and let me know if you have any questions.
  2. AKjosh12

    Aimpoint Micro T-1

    Low profile fast target acquisition red dot from one of the top optic manufacturers. Asking $500 used, please look at the pics and PM or let me know if interested in here.
  3. AKjosh12

    Bitcoin “I Finally Took the Plunge”

    Finally dropped a hundy on some bitcoin yesterday and it’s pretty exciting to watch it move. I like the fact that it’s not a government regulated currency and that it has a cap and cannot be reproduced creating inflation. What’s everyone using for a wallet or have you found a good site...
  4. AKjosh12

    Sierra Match King bullets for .308 168 HPBT and Nosler 168 HPBT for .308

    Bought these about 10 years ago during the Obama craze and sold my .308 since then. -$140 shipped for 500 Ea Sierra Match Kings or both at 1,000 Ea for $260 (won’t find a better deal on these) - $200 shipped for case of 1,000 Noslers *Shipping will be USPS priority Not looking to make a...
  5. AKjosh12

    Mossberg JM Pro 930 22” 8+1 Capacity W/ Extras $650

    Includes the following: -OR3GUN Full Race Kit -C-Rums welded lifter -RCI Extra Shell Caddy -Opened Receiver for easy Dual and Quad Loads -Shell latch and recoil spring rounded for better function -has extra chokes (factory) as well as factory internals *IM or shoot a message here if interested...
  6. AKjosh12

    Taran Tactical Innovations Benelli Accu Guide Extended Carrier $55 Shipped

    Read some reviews that this would work in my Versamax, but it was a bit shorter than the standard remington lifter. $55 shipped. FTF on Paypal Message on here or PM. Thanks
  7. AKjosh12

    Used Remington Versa Max w/ 22" barrel

    If anyone would like to drop their versa max auto loader, shoot me a message on here. Would like to give one a go, went to a Cabelas 300 miles away to check out some shotguns, love my JM Pro and have had 0 issues. But want to see what the hype was about with the dual port system. -Held the...
  8. AKjosh12

    Double AA AR mag Pouch

    Does anyone have experience with these bad boys? Love the race master pistol mag pouches. If you guys have extras or know a place with a great deal let me know. Thanks, Josh
  9. AKjosh12

    Possible to delete Porn Pushers from community?

    Noticed in This forum there has been a couple accounts recently pushing items that are not for all audiences.
  10. AKjosh12

    Springer Precision 2 Port Shorty for XDM threaded barrel

    $30 + $5 shipping and it's yours. Price is firm has been used for 3 matches and about 700 rounds max. PM or message on here if interested. Going for $85 brand new not including shipping if you buy from Springer Precision direct.
  11. AKjosh12

    Bear porn!? + pictures of bears from hunting spot

    Was driving my car and pictures started poring into my phone. First time I've been flashed by a bear heh heh... Some pretty cool pics this year, hope everyone is having some good spring hunts.
  12. AKjosh12

    Dawson Precision Discount Code?

    Anyone have a dsicount code? I have seen some others posted, if not i'll get it anyways 😀
  13. AKjosh12

    STI Build

    Anyone have experience parting out a 2011? Was going through the site and it had a bunch of parts. I liked how the 2011 is more customizeable than the 1911. Not sure if they'll require additional parts or if you can buy everything direct from STI? Was unable to contact the site because they're...
  14. AKjosh12

    34mm medium QD height scope rings

    Willing to buy for a descent price or trade. Really like the Warne Maximas but need rings and am not set on a brand. -Have an American Defense Recon 34mm QD mount 2" offset The AD's are awesome, but do not fit my M1A due to not having a continuous rail over the ejection port.
  15. AKjosh12

    Leupold Mark IV MRT Illuminated 2.5-8x w/ ARMS QD Scope rings $700

    This is a great optic with very clear glass. The illuminated crosshairs are very sharp with zero overbleed. If interested please shoot me a message in here or private message. Priority shipping is included in the cost. RIFLE IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE DEAL
  16. AKjosh12

    Hogue Extreme Series Sig P938 Pirahna Grip 98129 w/ original sig grips

    Got these for the wife's old carry pistol and the grip was too aggressive for her. $28 for both original sig grips and the extreme Pirahnas plus first class shipping. if interested send a reply here or message me. -Will use paypal friends and family transaction.
  17. AKjosh12

    Springfield M1A Socom 16 (.308) with upgrades $2,700

    Bought this around the first Obama craze, but don't use much like my AR. -EBR chasis stock from Sage International -Leupold Mark IV MRT illuminated reticle -Arms QD scope rings -15 20 round magazines *I will pay shipping fees *Buyer will pay FFL fees. If you reload I also have the following...
  18. AKjosh12

    Aimpoint Comp M4s (used) $575 + F&F (Friends and Family) PayPal

    Works great, just changed over to a variable power optic for the wife's build. *Will ship out with USPS priority. -Please PM or message on here if you have any questions or are interested.
  19. AKjosh12

    .308 ammo for sale, remington UMC 150 grain $18 per box

    Just sold/traded my .308 have some anmo to offload. - Case of 200 for $180 Or - 3 cases 200 for $540 Local preffered (Alaska) Have more if interested, those are just the 200 round cases
  20. AKjosh12

    Stick with 590 pumps for first match or get a semi?

    Hoping to do my first 3 gun match in the next couple months. Should I stick with my mossberg 590's and possibly try someone elses build at a shoot before picking up a semi? Will be my only firearm that would not be considered an open class item. Which brand out of the box will require the least...