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  1. Troy

    Ammo sold in gun shops vs. general retail stores

    I don't have a problem with a gun shop selling at a higher price for reasons stated, I would have a problem with a shop owner giving me false information as to why they have higher prices. I have been in that place before a few years ago and apparently he thought there was still panic buying on...
  2. Troy

    Ammo sold in gun shops vs. general retail stores

    A friend at work asked me if I knew about the difference between the ammo that gun shops sell compared to what you can by at at retail store. I told him other than the different types of ammo such as bullet weight for the same caliber , no. He was told by a gun shop owner that what they get is...
  3. Troy

    This forum is dead.

    Nah, his talents were much more sufficient in paying to fix my broke gun, had to find someone else this last time which I hope is the last time.
  4. Troy

    Any 1911 fans here?

    I had a 1911 once. 45acp officer model, STI Gaurdian, got tired of having to reload after 7 rounds and I didn't really care for 45acp. It sure was a pretty gun though.
  5. Troy

    This forum is dead.

    That's who I was thinking. I miss Cyrwus being around.
  6. Troy

    This forum is dead.

    I don't think forum participation has much to do with being a "niche" forum. Sure, having a broad base helps. I think it had to do with those who compete in competitions and is how the site came to be as there was another forum in Oklahoma who wasn't so friendly to those who compete as I...
  7. Troy

    Where the hell is everybody?

    I just thought my "ignore" list just got too big. So people really have left.
  8. Troy

    FS: CZ grips and brass

    yes, I'll see you there.
  9. Troy

    FS: CZ grips and brass

    VZ Diamond Back grips for CZ 75 - $50 269 pcs 38 Super Comp - range pickup - $15 500 pcs - 45 ACP - large and small primer - $15
  10. Troy

    OKCGC 3-gun Oct 27, 2018

    With scores and a picture I was almost convinced there was a 3-gun match at OKCGC, but the picture is where someone messed up. I don't think anyone would really believe Burk would be at a 3-Gun match and he was front and center. Nice try.
  11. Troy

    ***Boolits For Sale***

    Jason, I'll take 3 boxes of your 500 ct X-treme 124 RN.
  12. Troy

    I bought a gun or something gun related today

    I don't think you will be disappointed. I shot my brothers Shadow 2 and it handled very well. First I thought it was maybe his ammo, but then I realized I used my mag I had ready for my Shadow. I like to think I'll get one down the road sometime. Back on topic: I did buy another 8" steel...
  13. Troy

    OKCGC | 3-Gun | 9.23.17

    Just load up your four wheeler Mike, we got your back.
  14. Troy

    2017 Walther Arms Area 4 Championship

    It seems like the chrono was when my gun really shot well.
  15. Troy

    OKC 3GUN 6/24/17

    Just being a week after surgery, I'm going to have to miss this one, you guys have fun.
  16. Troy

    OKC 3Gun 5/27/17

    I'm going to try to make it, not feeling 100% right now..
  17. Troy

    OKC 3Gun 4/22/17

    I hope to be there Saturday, but I know I won't be there for set up this time. I have a work sponsored sporting clays match on Friday. I need to get out and shoot, other than my daily carry, I haven't touched a gun since march 4th other than to move them from one house to another.
  18. Troy

    Okcgc March 2017 USPSA 3/4/17

    I just guessing that if everybody is not onboard with the online squadding it slows things down like last month, but to a lesser degree the more people do it?
  19. Troy

    3-Gun at OKC Gun Club Saturday February 25th

    3-Gun!! Now we're talking.
  20. Troy

    USPSA at OKCGC 2.4.17

    Could this actually be my time, and you're not just messing with us? Who am I kidding, even if you are gone someone else will step in besides me, but a kid can still dream.