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  1. mike cyrwus

    Guns for sale

    Tony, please lock this thread
  2. mike cyrwus

    Spencer Keepers Appendix Carry Inside Waistband Class Review

    What do you consider proficient? What kind of draw times are you getting? Asking because I don't shoot much anymore and I haven't seen you shoot lately. It might be good to post some typical draws for folks for reference. I love my made a 17 more comfortable and way faster than my 19..
  3. mike cyrwus

    A2 stock

    I do on many ARs. Kurt does too.
  4. mike cyrwus

    OKCGC DEC. Steel Challenge 12/17/16

    40-45 would have been my lowest temp limit. Sorry.
  5. mike cyrwus

    Guns for sale

    Some hack in Jones i don't think so, thanks though
  6. mike cyrwus

    USPSA Production Division Classification Record

    Congrats Micah, you're a great guy and you deserve it!
  7. mike cyrwus

    Guns for sale

    34 sold. Also have a nice mosin I'd love to get rid of. Looks pretty fresh. $200
  8. mike cyrwus

    Allchin mount for My Buckmark

  9. mike cyrwus

    Guns for sale

    Pretty sure just one. Was planning on threading it but shit happens
  10. mike cyrwus

    Guns for sale

    Need to raise some $. Glock19 gen 4 -5 mags, warren tactical sights, some custom frame parts, internal magwell, ambi blade tech holster, soft case, original case. Nice crisp defensive trigger w a nice wall. $600 -never shot this much, prefer a 17. Glock 34 sold S&W model 19 6" prelock...
  11. mike cyrwus

    Winchester Model 94 | Mint

    Pm sent
  12. mike cyrwus

    Winchester Model 94 | Mint

  13. mike cyrwus


    think that's crazy; some folks still shoot m&p's
  14. mike cyrwus


    U got the wrong model
  15. mike cyrwus

    Looking for some help and advice on choosing a rifle scope

    Zeiss 3-9 conquest Here you go. Won't find a better scope for the moola
  16. mike cyrwus

    Super simple must do Modification for every AR15

    Look up "galvanic corrosion"
  17. mike cyrwus

    Trump Rocks!

    The 325 packs were 19$
  18. mike cyrwus


    Hey Hoover, first time Ever you had a boner in front of you and not right behind you
  19. mike cyrwus

    Band of Marks on 9mm Case

    I cull out the aguila brass like this, it screws with my bullet seating