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  1. mike cyrwus

    Guns for sale

    Need to raise some $. Glock19 gen 4 -5 mags, warren tactical sights, some custom frame parts, internal magwell, ambi blade tech holster, soft case, original case. Nice crisp defensive trigger w a nice wall. $600 -never shot this much, prefer a 17. Glock 34 sold S&W model 19 6" prelock...
  2. mike cyrwus

    liberty safe

    this is a Centurion by Liberty, its in excellent condition, color is an attractive hammered grey only used for a few personal guns and papers, etc. comes with a golden rod dehumidifier installed. no scratches or dents or flaws. Model D-23 Dimensions are 60″ H x 30″ W x 22″ L 23 cubic feet...
  3. mike cyrwus

    anyone got a good carpet guy in OKC?

    thinking about doing 2-3 small rooms
  4. mike cyrwus

    2 geissele ssa triggers, very lightly used

    $150 a pop. These were on safe queens that I barely shot, basically just to sight in the optics that were on it.
  5. mike cyrwus

    Free gunsmithing!

    Who has a hookup with a truck cap dealer, preferably leer? Or at least recommend a dealer
  6. mike cyrwus

    Truck cap question

    Who has a hookup with a leer dealer?? Thanks
  7. mike cyrwus

    These threads for old matches should be deleted

    After a few months. It would be easier to find stuff.
  8. mike cyrwus

    Mosin rifle

    Nice rifle, recrowned and stepped muzzle, comes w spike bayonet, and a box of ammo Local only $200 Must fill out 4473
  9. mike cyrwus

    Glock 34 gen 4

    Glock 34 gen4 One mag, box, papers Grip mods- undercut, finger grooves removed, al-ox bonded grip, beavertail, internal magwell, zev connector,extended mag release, vickers slide stop, Slide mods- fwd cocking serrations, gold cerakote barrel for bling, warren rear sight, Dawson fo front, steel...
  10. mike cyrwus

    Can't find a photo of a rolling cabinet from sams club that someone had reloading stuff on

    It was one of those butcherblock top ones with the stainless sides and drawers. The guy with the pic used it like an island. I've been thinking of this for awhile. It was bumped maybe a few weeks ago. Anyone remember where it was at on bs?
  11. mike cyrwus

    wtt 7 boxes (500ct. ea.) of extreme 147gr rn bullets

    want to trade for jacketed 9 bullets, Id be fine with 115 or 124's. want to buy em outright? make me an offer.
  12. mike cyrwus

    May 28th Okcgc three gun match is canceled

    That's a week from this Saturday. 5/28/16
  13. mike cyrwus

    FS Dillon 650 plus accessories

    I have a new Dillon 650 in 9mm. Sent a used press back to the factory to refurbish and they sent me a new one. I'm selling it with a case feeder, bullet tray, strong mount, and roller handle. Just add some 9mm dies and components and you're making ammo. $750 OKC local meet only. crossposted on...
  14. mike cyrwus

    FS: Customized 1873 Model P 45 Colt and RH leather

    This is a beautiful setup , but I am not a saa guy. (nor can I use the leather, Im a lefty) I have a Cimarron(uberti) 1873 Model P 45 Colt.. 5 1/2 inch barrel. It has the following work done: By Bob Grahm at Gunfighter dot com Tune up - smooth action, correct timing, adjust trigger pull $100.00...
  15. mike cyrwus

    dillon 650 and lots of stuff

    I have a used Dillon 650 with 40 and 9 setups, minus dies, casefeeder, plus a bunch of press extras. $1k. I have it priced right at 75% of retail. Needs to be fairly local, would meet in stroud for a Tulsa guy.Its all wellused, but it all works 100%. Just loaded 1k of 223 on this press this...
  16. mike cyrwus

    Oklahoma City 3Gun saturday, April 23

    same ol deal, weather should cooperate. Ill need help friday for setup, otherwise it will be the best I can do What: OKCGC 3-gun match Where: OKCGC (Map and Directions HERE) When: 4.23.16 start at 0900 Cost: $15.00 members $20.00 non-members For the OKCGC 3-gun matches, plan on: 75 pistol...
  17. mike cyrwus

    WTT midlength AR 16" barrel 5.56 nitrided

    low round count, hardly any wear that I can see. want to trade towards a decent scope 2-7 or 3-9, something 1" and relatively compact. Its for a muzzleloader would consider a weaponlight or ?
  18. mike cyrwus

    what does everyone like on an Open Gun?

    Im going to be building some open guns, but before I do, what do you guys all like on your open guns? I know it has to have a slide tracker/racker and a muzzle brake, what else? a RDS or a aimpoint? What caliber?
  19. mike cyrwus

    anyone local to me going to the Mossberg shotgun match?

    -in Cresson, TX? Doesnt seem to be a post here on it.
  20. mike cyrwus

    more crap, cheep

    left to right, top to bottom, roughly charging handle tac latch, $5 308 miculek brake, barely used $30 light mount -garbage 45 caspian slide $200 lh comptac 1911 paddle holster $25 lh XDm holster, kytac, service 4" model $30 tacstar 870 side saddle, $10 weaver 1" rings $5 lefty para hicap mag...