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  1. dennishoddy

    Ponca City USPSA, 6/13/2020, 0900 hrs.

    We will be having our June USPSA match this Saturday. Expect 8 stages and around 175 rounds required. Sign up will begin at 8:40 and the match should start shortly after 9:00. Match fee is $15 for club members and $20 for non members. We plan on setting up Friday morning starting at 9:00 am. And...
  2. dennishoddy

    Ponca City USPSA, 5/9/2020, Canceled

    Based on interpretation of the governor's plan for reopening the state, we will be canceling Mays USPSA match, hopefully we can resume in June. DES
  3. dennishoddy

    USPSA, Ponca City

    All matches are canceled until this virus gets contained. See you then!
  4. dennishoddy

    Ponca City USPSA, 3/14/2020, 0900

    From the match director: Still waiting on forecast to see about Saturdays match, was 80% chance of rain last night, down to 60% when I just checked. Hopefully I can make a solid decision tomorrow. Stay tuned! DES
  5. dennishoddy

    Ponca City Steel Challenge, 2/22/2019, 0900 hrs

    The weather that had been forecast for Saturday has finally moved out!! Set-up will be around 0800. Please come and help!! Bullets should start departing barrels around 0900 150 rounds needed if you don't miss 6 stages Jim
  6. dennishoddy

    Ponca City USPSA, 2/8/2020

    I am unavailable for set up this Friday. Canceling the match. See you next month. DES
  7. dennishoddy

    State of the Union Address

    One of the best I've ever seen. A President keeping his promises after being elected is refreshing. Nancy Pelosi tearing up her copy of the speech and throwing it down on the dias sure showed how classy she is not besides not being able to control her dentures during the speech. She knows it's...
  8. dennishoddy

    Ponca City USPSA, 1/11/2020

    From the match director" Canceling January’s match, neither Scott or I are available to setup or run the match. Douglas Stover 580.761.5444
  9. dennishoddy

    Ponca City Steel Challenge, 12/28/2019

    Weather man is calling for 100% of rain Saturday so I'm cancelling December's match. We'll try it again in January! Jim
  10. dennishoddy

    Just a reminder, the Ponca City USPSA match is canceled this month.

    See you next year!
  11. dennishoddy

    Ponca City Steel Challenge this Saturday 11-23-19 @ 0900

    This Saturday at 0900 is our monthly Steel Challenge Match I'll be out there about 0800 to start setting things up. If you can come help it would awesome!! Will shoot 6 stages 150 rounds minimum You can even bring your rimfire lever gun this weekend since we missed it last month. See you...
  12. dennishoddy

    Ponca City USPSA matches for November and December canceled.

    Due to scheduling conflicts for both Scott and I, we will be canceling our November and December matches. Stay tuned for further updates. See you next year! DES
  13. dennishoddy

    Deer season is upon us.

    Post up some pics of your trail cams or views through your scope/cellcam. I realize this is last year's pics, but I've been in Colorado all summer and just now getting back home to get things going again.
  14. dennishoddy

    Ponca City USPSA, 10/12/2019, 0900 hrs

    Come on out to Ponca City Rifle & Pistol Club and shoot our monthly USPSA match this Saturday morning. Sign up will start about 8:40 and bullets down range as soon after 9:00 as we can. Expect 8 stages (including one classifier) and at least 175 rounds required. Match setup will begin Friday...
  15. dennishoddy

    Ponca City USPSA results, 9/14/2019
  16. dennishoddy

    Ponca City USPSA, 9/14/2019, 0900 hrs

    It’s match time again this Saturday. Sign up should start at 8:40am, and the match will start as soon as possible after 9:00am. Expect 8 stages, 175 rounds required. We will begin setting up Friday after noon at 2:00, if you can come help, it would be greatly appreciated! See you there! DES
  17. dennishoddy

    Steel Challenge results, Ponca City, 8/24/19
  18. dennishoddy

    Steel Challenge, Ponca City, 8/24/2019, 0800 hrs

    It's that time again. This Saturday will be our monthly Steel Challenge Match. Set-up will start shortly after 0700 if you can make out to help it is always appreciated!! Match will start at 0800. 6 stages 150 rounds minimum
  19. dennishoddy

    Ponca City USPSA Results, 8/10/2019
  20. dennishoddy

    Ponca City USPSA, 8/10/19, 0900

    It’s time once again for USPSA in Ponca. Expect eight stages and at least 175 rounds. Sign up will start at 8:40am and match should begin shortly after 9:00am We will begin setup just after 5:00pm on Friday, come out and help if you can, it will be greatly appreciated! DES