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  1. Chambers

    Tanfoglio Stock 2 w/ holster and much more...

    Selling backup production gun to fund another project. This was Chad's backup gun until recently. I bought it, picked up some spare parts, and added a slightly heavier mainspring to pop harder primers. Trigger is around 7-8 lb. DA and 3 lb. SA. EGD grips 6x mags + 6x Shockbottle base pads...
  2. Chambers

    DARTT System w/ SRT Training pistol

    New in box DARTT system w/ SRT Training pistol. The training pistol has the infrared laser instead of the red one. This is as good dry fire gets. Check it on their website. You can download a demo version of the software. Here's a youtube vid of it in...
  3. Chambers

    WTS: Race-ready custom 40cal STI Edge w/ mags

    I'm done shooting for a while and this gun deserves to get used. Started life as any regular STI Edge in .40 S&W. Mike did all the work on it. The gun is no stranger to most of you. It's accurate and dead nuts reliable. Won a bunch of matches. Still very tight. I'd estimate 15K rounds on it...
  4. Chambers

    25K Wolf Small Rifle primers, 8 lb jug WST

    I have 5 cases of Wolf small rifle primers. $100 per case (5k), or $450 for all of them (25k). I won't sell less than 5K at a time. I have 1 extra 8 lb. jug of WST. $100 FTF Moore or S...
  5. Chambers

    wts: 5K 147 gr 9mm RNFP JK Bullets

    These: 5K of them. $280 FTF Moore/OKC.
  6. Chambers

    WTS: Kahr CM9 w/ holster

    Changing up my little carry gun. Selling my like new Kahr CM9, 2 mags, Comptac 2 o'clock IWB holster. It has about 150 rounds on it and is in excellent condition. $400 FTF Moore...
  7. Chambers

    Large lot of reloading components, 9mm/.223

    Got some home repairs. Need to move some stuff. 7.5K xtreme 9mm 115gr RN plated bullets...$550 24 lb. Accurate 2230 powder...$360 5K Prvi Partizan 55gr M193 FMJ BT bullets...$400 Or take it all for $1250. FTF Moore. Not willing to split into smaller lots.
  8. Chambers

    03 Subaru WRX wagon, turbocharged

    Selling my '03 Subaru WRX wagon in Platinum Silver. 122K on the odometer. This car has been owned by not ONE, but TWO 3GN semi-pros. You may never be able to shoot as fast as a semi pro, but you can drive to the range like one with this 400hp station wagon! Okay...jokes aside, this car is...
  9. Chambers

    WTS: DTI 3 gun rifle

    Selling my backup rifle. It is a Del Ton Evo with a few changes: JP competition trigger group, 3.5# w/ anti-walk pins JP low mass bolt carrier group JP low mass rifle buffer VLTOR A2 stock Ergo grip PRI low profile gas block Triangle Shooting Sports Rolling thunder comp Gun shoots great and is...
  10. Chambers

    2-23-13 3 gun at OKCGC

  11. Chambers

    WTS: M&P9 Pro production rig

    Cleaning out the safe 6 mags 17rd. mags. Around 5K down the tube. 3.5# AI trigger job. Stippled front/backstrap. Fiber optic front, plain black rear sight. Some holster wear. Clear Triple Crown kydex Holster. Slide release on the left side is chopped. $700 to a BS'er. Will be at the 3 gun...
  12. Chambers

    Pelican 1750 rifle case

    I have a Pelican 1750 without foam in almost new condition. These are perfect for 3 gun. The foam place next to H&H can cut foam for it. $125. I will be at the 3 gun match this weekend.
  13. Chambers

    Hornady Auto Charge Powder Dispenser

    This one. Perfect for .223 loading. New in box. $200 to a BS'er. I will be at the 3 gun match.
  14. Chambers

    STI standard 2011 frame, NIB

    STI standard 2011 frame, non-ramped. New in box. $350 at 3 gun match this weekend. Otherwise it's going elsewhere on the interwebz. Would like it to go local.
  15. Chambers

    Benelli M1 chokes, set of 4

    Found these rolling around under my bench. 1.) Carlson extended cylinder choke 2.) Factory IC choke 3.) Factory full choke 4.) Factory cylinder choke Good, used condition. $50 for the set.
  16. Chambers

    FS: ADCOR Bear Elite 16" piston upper

    Just in time for the apocalypse. Brand new, in the box. $900.
  17. Chambers

    2012 Arkansas Multigun Championship

  18. Chambers

    XDM 5.25 Competition, 9mm

    I have a BNIB XDM 5.25 competition 9mm for sale. This is the best out of the box pistol for USPSA production division. Would also make a great 3 gun pistol. Comes with three mags, holster, mag pouches, mag loader, a nice hard case and everything else you see. $625.
  19. Chambers

    9/22/2012 3 Gun at OKCGC

    Thanks for playing.
  20. Chambers

    LNIB: Leupold Prismatic with DCD reticle

    I have one of these, like new in box, with mount, ilumination module, and all risers, etc. These are the heat for shooting the unmagnified divisions in 3 gun. I'm clearing some stuff out and don't need a backup. $400 takes it.