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  1. Chambers

    Unclassified for the first time in many years

    They keep it unfortunately...haha. Mine was expired for 4 years.
  2. Chambers

    Tristar P-120 T-120

    I think they are either hard chrome or cerakoted, so I bet they hold up pretty good. The P120 might have better holster/parts compatibility (just a guess) than the T120. You could probably get a decent fixed rear sight that would work and save some $. Drop in a 11.5 main spring, reduced power...
  3. Chambers

    Tristar P-120 T-120

    I was looking at those, seems like once you spend a few hundred bucks on go fast parts, the $150 cost difference is pretty negligible, and you'd have been better off with a SP-01, having better fit, finish, and parts availability. That said, I still want one to play with. Can't have too many...
  4. Chambers

    Tanfoglio Stock 2 w/ holster and much more...

    About to go on Enos.
  5. Chambers

    Tanfoglio Stock 2 w/ holster and much more...

    Not sure what to compare it, but it's pretty sharp. You can fondle it today if you want. It's the older style Stock 2 frame.
  6. Chambers

    Tanfoglio Stock 2 w/ holster and much more...

    Selling backup production gun to fund another project. This was Chad's backup gun until recently. I bought it, picked up some spare parts, and added a slightly heavier mainspring to pop harder primers. Trigger is around 7-8 lb. DA and 3 lb. SA. EGD grips 6x mags + 6x Shockbottle base pads...
  7. Chambers


    It tells you how you are missing? So does watching your front sight, and that's cheaper. It could help very new shooters realize they aren't watching their sights; but after that, seems like a crutch. I think people would have better results dry firing against a blank wall, or shooting at...
  8. Chambers

    Top 10 shooters in Oklahoma?

    Savage!! I'll be @ Arcadia Saturday if you guys wanna come kick my ass. :onthequiet:
  9. Chambers

    OKCGC 1.2.16 USPSA Results

    It was missing a digit and we didn't catch it. No big deal. Good shooting with everyone. Hopefully it won't be another 2.5 years before I get out to buy a gun. :)
  10. Chambers

    OKCGC 1.2.16 USPSA Results

    Per USPSA rules, they zeroed me on that stage since they didn't know the actual time. I do, though. :)
  11. Chambers

    DARTT System w/ SRT Training pistol

    New in box DARTT system w/ SRT Training pistol. The training pistol has the infrared laser instead of the red one. This is as good dry fire gets. Check it on their website. You can download a demo version of the software. Here's a youtube vid of it in...
  12. Chambers

    I heard this guy was making a comeback?

    Goddammit. I came here to make that joke and GT beat me to it....
  13. Chambers

    WTS: Race-ready custom 40cal STI Edge w/ mags

    Stock bbl I'll be shooting again but not in the immediate future. Too busy Not interested in the fiddle, sorry
  14. Chambers

    WTS: Race-ready custom 40cal STI Edge w/ mags

    I'm done shooting for a while and this gun deserves to get used. Started life as any regular STI Edge in .40 S&W. Mike did all the work on it. The gun is no stranger to most of you. It's accurate and dead nuts reliable. Won a bunch of matches. Still very tight. I'd estimate 15K rounds on it...
  15. Chambers

    25K Wolf Small Rifle primers, 8 lb jug WST

    I have 5 cases of Wolf small rifle primers. $100 per case (5k), or $450 for all of them (25k). I won't sell less than 5K at a time. I have 1 extra 8 lb. jug of WST. $100 FTF Moore or S...
  16. Chambers

    Hello from OKC

    Also, I took AP1 exactly one week after my first match, because I didn't want to suck. I signed up really last minute. I recommend taking a class as early as possible so you'll have less to UNLEARN. If you have been shooting a lot without proper technique you have some bad habits that will be...
  17. Chambers

    Hello from OKC

    ...doesn't hurt! hahahaha Honestly I just haven't felt like shooting, new hobbies/work/woman have a lot to do with it.
  18. Chambers

    wts: 5K 147 gr 9mm RNFP JK Bullets

    These: 5K of them. $280 FTF Moore/OKC.
  19. Chambers

    Southwest Engravers, OKC

    FWIW, I had some stuff engraved there and everything was tops. They did it while I waited and it was a good deal. Hopefully it's just an anomaly.