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  1. racnsoonr

    Bullets for Sale

    10 Boxes/500ct X-Treme .40 RNFP 200GN $50.00/Box 1 Box/250ct X-Treme .40 RNFP 220GN $25.00/Box 1 Box/250ct X-Treme 9mm 124GN RNFP $20.00/Box 1 Box/250ct X-Treme 9mm 165GN RN $25.00/Box CASH ONLY FTF in OKC Metro or at a match: OKCGC, USSA, Old Fort, Ponca City Email...
  2. racnsoonr

    ***Boolits For Sale***

    I may be overstocked.... 8 Boxes/500ct X-Treme .40 RNFP 200GN $50.00/Box 1 Box/250ct X-Treme .40 RNFP 220GN $25.00/Box 12 Boxes/500ct X-Treme 9mm RN 124GN $35.00/Box ***3-5 boxes sold to Troy*** 2 Boxes/500ct X-Treme 9mm RN 147GN $40.00/Box ***Sold to Keith*** 1 Box/250ct X-Treme 9mm...
  3. racnsoonr

    OKCGC Setup Help...Win a GUN!

    Thank you to Matt Greg and the one or two others that were able to setup the match for us. We gotta get more help there for setup so we can keep getting to play. They announced that everyone that helps setup will be entered for a random gun drawing a couple of times per year. The more you...
  4. racnsoonr

    Vortex 1x4 PST $300.00

    Price dropped to 325.00 Like new works great and comes with the awesome lifetime transferable Vortex warranty Will ship and insure on you dime to lower 48
  5. racnsoonr

    Test post

    This is a test only Burk is an awesome moderator
  6. racnsoonr

    H&H Safe sale

    Got a good deal on a safe this week at H&H Thank you Boomer Shooter sponsor!
  7. racnsoonr

    Anybody installed an Aftec Extractor?

    I am working on my dvc 9mm open gun How much material do you have to remove from the firing pin stop plate for it to pivot corrrctly. Did you use one spring or two, compressed or in stock form Any help is appreciated
  8. racnsoonr

    WTB Dillon Toolhead and Powder Hopper

    Just checking to see if anyone has an extra they'd like to sell. I need another set up for a 650 Jason
  9. racnsoonr

    NRA Lifetime Membership on sale until 12-31-15

    I wanted to pass this along for anyone that isn't already a lifetime NRA member 500.00, 50% Off Call 1-877-672-2000 We need all the help we can get to defend our 2nd amendment rights Might as well save some $$$ while you do it
  10. racnsoonr

    Xtreme Boolits FS or trade

    I have the following copper plated Xtremes for sale or trade... 250 9mm 165gn RN 25.00 250 9mm 124gn RNFP 22.00 1500 40 180gn RNFP 50.00/500 or trade for 200gn Xtreme RNFP 250 40 220gn RNFP 32.00 Delivered to local matches in OKC/Tulsa area or ftf in the OKC Metro pm me here or email...
  11. racnsoonr

    Gunstuff Garage Sale

    Selling a few things I don't use or need any longer... CASH or PPAL as a gift or you pay the fees...or trade for CASH :) FTF in OKC AREA or at local matches, shipping is on you PM me here, or email at [email protected] JP Comp 70.00 Millet Scope mounts 25.00 each Troy Muzzle...
  12. racnsoonr

    Daniel Defense

    Daniel Defense 16" Barrel .223/.556 (low round count, very accurate barrel) with: Omega Quad Rail Magpul angled grip Stock DDefense flash hider Daniel Defense rear sight Factory gas tube/block Daniel Defense specific barrel wrench included (25.00 value) $400.00 $425.00 WITH 3 Magpul 30...
  13. racnsoonr

    WTT: 16lbs Winchester WST

    I have 2, 8# jugs of WST...looking to trade for Winchester Autocomp pickup available in the OKC metro or at a match in the OKC, Tulsa area pm me here, or email [email protected]
  14. racnsoonr

    BIG SALE...multiple items

    Selling a few things I don't use or need any longer... CASH or PPAL as a gift or you pay the fees...or trade for CASH :) shipping on your dime FTF in OKC AREA or at local matches (LOWER SHIPPED TO FFL ONLY-HICAP MAGS NOT SOLD WHERE NOT ALLOWED) PM me here, or email at [email protected]
  15. racnsoonr

    Aimpoint with Larue Mount

    I am selling my I purchased this from the original owner who primarily had it on a home defense rifle...very little use if any while he owned it. I used it for about 1/2 to 1 season of 3 gun before switching to Tac-Ops. I had it Cerakoted to my 3 gun rifle I was using at the time. It can...
  16. racnsoonr

    Freedom Munitions FREE shipping

    They have free shipping on orders over 100.00 right now I just stocked up on .223 Blaster Training ammo for 140.00/ works great for hozin. They always have good prices on ammo if you're looking. They are also a regular Boomer Shooter Contingency sponsor
  17. racnsoonr

    Using dedicated "Brassers" in a match

    I have read about different ranges that have a rotating person on their squad as dedicated brass recovery person, or "brasser" I have never seen this done, but it would be awesome if we had something like this in place. How great would it be for someone to hand you your brass back after you...
  18. racnsoonr

    2015 AA Winchester Rebate

    It's been so long since we've been able to blast some buckshot, I almost forgot about this... If anyone knows where to get a good deal on a case...please let me know
  19. racnsoonr

    Hornady Lock-N-Load AP press and accessories 9mm,.40,.223

    Complete LNL AP press setup for .40, 9mm, and .223...just add dies and you're loading Retail prices listed for reference from 1-lock n load press and all that comes with it 399.00 1- Rifle metering insert 26.28 1- Pistol micro metering insert 28.45 1- case...
  20. racnsoonr

    Open slots for Nationals

    Guys from John Bent... On March 10 I sent out an e-mail announcing that we had 7 slots for the Open,Limited and Limited 10 Nationals in Frostproof Florida on October 7-10. As of right now I have had zero responses of anyone wanting to go, if you would like to go or have any questions please...