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  1. farmrboy

    Pet pics

    Chloe is a foster failure (we were foster homing her for a rescue and i ended up adopting her) and has been trucking and helping me reload ammo for over 7 years Sent from my SM-G928R4 using Tapatalk
  2. farmrboy

    Show your 3 Gun shotgun

    Did all of the work myself except for the cerakote
  3. farmrboy

    Overhauled the limited

    Been wanting to do this for awhile. Henning trigger, guide rod, front sight, springs, SSI grips. Polished up the internals and controls. Shootability is noticeably improved. Shooting my first 3gun match in 5 years this Sunday. I rolled a tractor in 2012 and about got killed. After I healed, just...
  4. farmrboy


    Once the match starts, one isn't allowed to have their gun out of the holster except at the start line or safe zone. Better check with the SO at your range for how they want it done. Sent from my SM-G928R4 using Tapatalk