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    C-More Railway in stock

    Why you only have RED? I would get a black one if you had any left.
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    Lapping Tool and Compound.

    I am thinking about purchasing a lapping tool and compound for putting together a 300 blackout . Is it really necessary ? Will I see a difference in accuracy? I am thinking it will be a one and done so wondering if it is worth the purchase. The upper and lower is AR precision M4 E1 . I am...
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    Newbie brief intrduction.

    Welcome !!
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    OKC Tactical

    I am a member and seems like every time there is a 3 gun I have to fly...thanks for the heads up. Will def make a bunch this year. Hopefully we can get some other clubs in the state to post some 3 gun matches here.
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    OKC Tactical

    Their classes are for proper gun manipulation in a variety of real life situations as well and accuracy , how to quick fire, multiple target acquisition. I needed something to help with multi-target hits for 3 gun. they helped and I plan to continue training w them..go to their web site ...
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    OKC Tactical

    Anyone do class with these guys? I did one last week and it was awesome. Learned a lot in a two hour session. Just curious . thanks, Richard Rollins